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Slade’s First Marlin

WSFC Member Slade Kerr caught his first Marlin off Raglan this season! All from a FC430, Well Done Mate! Here’s his story:


We had a bit of a late start to the morning not getting on the water till about 12:30, we dropped the gear at about the 35 meter mark around 1 o’clock. We trolled out to roughly the 50 meter mark with no signs of life, we pulled the gear and made the run in to 30 meters off Ruapuke, where we had some action last year. We caught a couple of kahawai for livies. We proceeded to tow them around where we had marked some massive schools of bait on the sounder. After having 3 livies chopped off by a small Mako we trolled another couple of livies to where we had seen a few gannets hanging around.Wtrolled the kahawai around then started heading back to where the shark had been. We stopped to re-fuel & just as we start moving again both the livies start to get a bit amped up. One of the riggers pop and the line lazily starts to come off the reel, it pulls about 20 meters off before we put the drag up and the weight slowly comes on and another 10 meters slowly trickles out. Now we’re convinced that it’s a shark because of the lazy take. Then a strange looking fin followed by a stick breaks the water and a lot of yelling starts as a marlin shakeits head 30 meters away. I just keep winding steadily gaining line then the marlin comes up about 10 meters away shaking its head. It just glides up next to the boat and the gaff goes in at the three and a half minute mark, the fish proceeds to tow us around the ocean for a few minutes before it tears the gaff out pulling about 20 meters off. We reel it back to the boat where the gaff goes back in & we get a tail rope on. We drag the beast over the side of the boat & have it lying on the deck after 12 minutes from hook up. Back at the WSFC weigh station in Raglan the fish drags the scales down to 96kgs on 24 from the FC430.