Club News

September 2015 Presidents Report

We just had our yearly AGM.
I was disappointed that only 27 people attended. To those who took time to be part of the AGM, the committee appreciated your attendance. It’s you club and we try to structure our activities to give you the club you want.

Life Members Joe Johnson and Bunty Meyers were in attendance. It gave us the opportunity to present Bunty Meyers with his Life Membership Certificate. Bunty announced his donation of various memorabilia to the club. Thanks Bunty for your generosity, it is much appreciated.

The Committee remains fairly much the same – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Web Admin remain the same.
Catch Card Officer Kathryn Bright and Committee Member/Catering Manager Annette Court, both stood down. We wish them both well and thank them for their contributions over the past few years.

We welcome aboard our new Catch Card Officer – Julie Thornton and three other new Committee members, Russell Court and Tony Greene. The club has exciting times ahead and thank you for wanting to be part of it. Our Membership Officer remains with Warren Olsen BUT if you wish to take over this role, please contact me. Congratulations to all those who earned trophies and certificates over the past 12 months. Congratulations to all those who earned trophies and certificates over the past 12 months.

Simrad have confirmed they will be the major sponsor again for the Raglan One Base – 10-12th March 2016. Ridgeline will also continue to sponsor across all tournaments, providing us with some great prizes. Other sponsors are also re-signing as we approach them, which is very positive. The committee announced that we will be doing cash prizes across our tournaments this season. It was a huge success at the Big Four last season.

Membership pricing remain the same as last season. Single Adult $45.00, Family $75.00 for Mum and Dad and $7.00 for each child under 16 as at 1st July 2015, Students $20.00 with ID Cards and Juniors $15.00. Great value for belonging to a great club with great tournament.
The Mid Winter Challenge has got off to a slow start, so if you get out fishing, don’t forget to measure, photograph and fill out a catch card. The Mid Winter Challenge is a length based competition.

Club Night, Tuesday, 15 September 2015. We have Raymond from Stelth Lures. I spoke to Raymond at the Auckland Boat Show and he was interested in presenting his lures. Last season 67 marlin were caught on Stelth Lures. Raymond will have lures on sale on the night.

See you at the Club Night.