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Season Prizegiving – Results

Waikato Sport Fishing Club 2016 Trophy List

Please find below the results of the WSFC season. Correct as at date of printing.

Name Weight KG Line KG Points
FIRST CAUGHT TROPHYS (can be caught to T&R)        
First Raglan Tuna Slade Kerr 2.71 24 11.31
First Raglan Marlin Jason James T&R 37 600.00
First Raglan Albacore Scott Brettell 9.08 10 90.80
First Billfish of the Season John Sharp T&R 37 600.00
Club Boat with First Marlin Ubique (John Sharp) T&R 37 600.00
Heaviest Marlin Overall Stephen Purdie 221.00 37 597.30
Heaviest Black Marlin n/a none entered
Heaviest Blue Marlin Stephen Purdie 221.00 37 597.30
Heaviest Striped Marlin all t&r
Heaviest Shortbilled Spearfish not caught
Heaviest Broadbill not caught
Heaviest Albacore Keith Vallabh 13.75 15 91.67
Heaviest Kahawai Shane Hartgill 5.32 8 66.60
Heaviest Mahimahi Frank Van Vroonhoven 1.44 24 6.00
Heaviest Shark all t&r
Heaviest Skipjack Tuna Keith Vallabh 7.06 24 29.42
Heaviest Snapper  Snr Wayne Rendall 8.50 8 106.25
Heaviest Snapper Jnr Ryan McDowall 8.78 8 109.75
Heaviest Trevally Ken McDowall 4.19 8 52.38
Heaviest Yellow Tail Kingfish Stuart Scott 25.15 24 104.00
Heaviest Yellow Fin Tuna Thomas Purdie 33.60 24 140.00
Heaviest Other Fish Stephen Purdie (Big Eye Tuna) 84.20 37 227.57
Heaviest Tope not caught
Heaviest Trout Slade Kerr 4.67 24 19.44
Heaviest Fish by a Junior Thomas Purdie 33.60 24 140.00
Saltwater Fly Senior not caught
Saltwater Fly Junior not caught
Heaviest Albacore Junior Slade Kerr 6.50 8 81.25
Heaviest Blue Shark all t&r
Heaviest Blue Shark Jnr all t&r
Heaviest Hapuka,Bass, Bluenose Karen Blockley (Hapuka) 9.03 4 225.75
Heaviest Hapuka, Bass, Bluenose – Jnr Slade Kerr 5.07 24 21.12
Heaviest Kahawai Jnr Cory Hartgill 2.50 8 31.25
Heaviest Mahimahi Jnr not caught
Heaviest S/J Tuna Jnr Ryan McDowall 3.80 24 15.81
Heaviest Trevally Jnr Jesse Dingle 2.82 15 18.79
Heaviest Junior Trout Slade Kerr 3.35 6 55.83
Heaviest Junior Tope not caught
Heaviest Yellowfin Tuna Jnr Thomas Purdie 33.60 24 140.00
Heaviest Yellowtail Kingfish Jnr Bradley Hirst 15.83 24 65.96
Senior – Number of Fish Keith Vallabh eight
Junior – Number of Fish Slade Kerr four
Heaviest fish not caught
Most Meritorious Senior Stephen Purdie Blue Marlin 221 kg on 37 kg line
Most Meritorious Woman Karen Blockley Hapuka 9.03kg on 4 kg line
Most Meritorious Junior Thomas Purdie Yellowfin Tuna 33.60kg on 24 kg line
Fisherman Of the Year Frank Van Vroonhoven eleven
FisherWoman Of the Year Karen Blockley four
Kathryn Bright four
Renee Doig four
Paula Hirst four
Junior Fisherman of the Year Slade Kerr eleven
Most Points for a Single Fish – Men Stephen Purdie Blue Marlin 597.30
Most Points for a Single Fish – Woman Karen Blockley Hapuka 225.75
Most Points for a Single Fish – Junior Cory Hartgill Skipjack Tuna 134.5
First Finn Finder 1800.00
Second Equal Pastis 1200.00
Second Equal Ubique 1200.00
Men First Keith Vallabh 2633.00
Men Second Wayne Rendall 906.00
Men Third Stephen Purdie 825.00
Women First Renee Doig 287.69
Women Second Karen Blockley 269.92
Women Third Lisa MacDonald 168.87
Junior First Thomas Purdie 740.00
Junior Second Slade Kerr 705.82
Junior Third Alex Purdie 600.00
Elite Mishap Trophy  (skipper of the Year) Todd Kerr
Strirrers Trophy Not awarded
Old Man of the Sea Not awarded
First Albacore Frank Van Vroonhoven 28.12.2015
First Albacore Jnr Slade Kerr 03.02.2016
First Blue Shark Keith Vallabh 26.10.2015
First Blue Shark Jnr Slade Kerr 03.02.2016
First Hapuka/Bass/Bluenose Karen Blockley 12.07.2015 hapuka
First Hapuka/Bass/Bluenose Jnr Slade Kerr 15.05.2016 bluenose
First Kahawai Ant Higgs 11.07.2015
First Kahawai Jnr Kaitlin Thornton 09.10.2015
First Mako Shark Keith Vallabh 16.01.2016
First Mako Shark Jnr Slade Kerr 27.02.2016
First S/J Tuna Frank Van Vroonhoven 28.12.2015
First S/J Tuna Jnr Ryan McDowall 16.01.2016
First Snapper Renee Doig 13.07.2015
First Snapper Jnr Slade Kerr 23.08.2015
First Striped Marlin John Sharp 13.02.2016
First Striped Marlin – Jnr Thomas Purdie 28.03.2016
First Trevally Todd Kerr 04.09.2015
First Trevally Jnr Slade Kerr 31.10.2015
First Yellowtail Kingfish Ant Higgs 29.08.2015
FirstYellowtail Kingfish Jnr Slade Kerr 31.10.2015
First Yellowfin Tuna Jonathon Burton 11.03.2016
First Yellowfin Tuna Jnr Thomas Purdie 26.03.2016