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Rule Changes To “Nationals”

Shark Points

The Fishing Committee proposes a point’s cap of 1,250 points plus the fish weight shall apply to all shark captures. (1 point per kilo of fish weight). The normal points scoring formula still applies, up to where a shark scores more than 1250pts it will be capped at 1250 points plus the fish weight. Eg 65kg Blue Shark caught on 4kg line, = 65 x 100 = 6500 divided by the lineweight (4) = 1625         This fish will have a reduced score of a maximum 1250 points plus 65 = 1315pts

Proposed new Tagging Points for Nationals

Blue & Black Marlin 600 points,Broadbill & Striped Marlin 450 points, Bluefin & Bigeye Tuna 225 points, Yellowfin Tuna 100 points, Spearfish 100 points, Shark 100 points, Yellowtail 25 points.

Equates to

600pts = 222kg fish caught on 37kg line

450pts = 166.5kg fish caught on 37kg line

225pts = 83.3kg fish caught on 37kg line

100pts = Fish equalling line weight