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Recipe of the Month

This months recipe comes from my own personal collection,

Smoked Kahawai Red Curry Fish Pie.

Quantity’s aren’t too important on this one depends on how big or many pies you are making or fish you have caught, Just mix in as much as you personally like.

Plain Smoke your Kahawai, In a pan fly up some sliced onions and or leek, Once Browned add some Thai Red Curry Paste to your taste preference, Mix in and add a cup of cream or unsweetened yogurt keep stiring and take off heat, In a sauce pan make up a basic white sauce, (quantity dependable on your pie size) see edmonds cook book if you don’t know how to make white sauce, Mix in a bowl, your white sauce, your curry onion mix, smoked fish flakes and a handful of grated cheese.

Line a dish with pastry, Pour in Mixture, Sprinkle grated cheese on top and top with pastry or mashed Kumra, Cook in oven until golden,