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Recipe Of The Month

Simple but Tasty this month, Every body loves a fresh piece of Crumbed fish, Here’s a modern version that adds a great flavor but not overpowering the fish taste.

Salt & Vinegar Chip Crumbed Fish. You need to add a packet of salt and vinegar chips to your shopping list this week so you can make this fish, it is crunchy and super tasty and perfect for fussy fish eaters. It is a great alternative to traditional bread crumbs as it adds more crunch and flavour to the fish. Simply crush the chips on a chopping board to a crumb size texture, follow your usual procedure for crumbing the fish but replace bread crumbs with Chip crumbs, Flour then Egg then Crumb, Then throw in the hot pan with a knob of butter. Serve with fresh white bread, lemon and some tartar sauce.