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Smoked Fish Paté
Awesome on toasted bread or crackers.

– 400-500g of smoked fish or eel
– a 250g tub of cream cheese (can also use sour cream)
– juice of 3 lemons
– fine grated rind of 1 lemon
– 2Tsp of olive oil
– a handful of spring onions or chives
– salt and pepper to taste
– watercress to garnish if you can find some

Wazz up the smoked fish and herbs in a food processor/blender/bullet blender and mix with other ingredients in a bowl. Job done. You can add in bigger flakes off fish/eel and mix in last if you like a bit of texture. Will keep in a jar in the fridge for a couple of weeks no worries.

Smoked Fish Paté
Smoked Fish Paté