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Product Of The Month

This month we look at the M100 CTEK marine battery charger. These are great to leave on Trickle charge over the winter months to avoid the embarrassment of a flat battery at the ramp!

M100 is a smart and flexible 12V battery charger and one of the newest members in CTEKs new Marine line. It satisfies the need of battery care in the marine environment for 14–225Ah batteries and even AGM batteries. M100 has a special Recond mode which can recover a stratified battery and therefore give the battery a longer life. This is perfect for the rough condition of the marine environment as boat batteries often becomes deeply discharged causing stratification. The Supply function is used as a power source. M100 delivers 7A, is IP65 classed and follows the CTEK criteria: both charges and maintains, no harmful galvanic currents, reverse polarity protected, spark-free, rain and splash proof, electrical equipment will not be damaged and has a 5 year warranty.