Product Of The Month

With the Raglan one base around the corner I thought a deadly bill-fish  lure would be appropriate, This Month we are looking at the Famous Pakula Lumo Sprocket. The Pakula Sprocket is a legend, having been listed in the Marlin Magazine top 10 Lures of all time both times the survey has been done.

This long rigger lure, particularly in the colours Lumo, has accounted for a great many First Marlin captures, Tournament Wins and the largest fish of the season twice in Cairns. If you are only ever going to take one piece of advice from us then let it be “Run the Lumo Sprocket on the long rigger, and leave it there!” Around half of all the successes on Pakula Lures are with this lure in this position. It may not catch fish for a while, but when it starts working nothing else will come close. Its tight swimming action works in all conditions at any trolling speed. It is totally irresistible, especially now that the lure comes with the updated Lumo Skirts. Don’t leave home without a Lumo Sprocket! In fact you’ll more than likely need spares. Anglers have been known to troll a full spread of Lumo Sprockets!

  • Length: 347mm / 13.50″
  • Hooks: Dojo 40
  • Min Class: 15kg
  • Max. Trace: 400lb
  • Positions: Long Corner, Long Rigger, Shotgun