Club News Monthly Catch Report

Prize Giving 2015 Results

Waikato Sport Fishing Club 2015 Trophy List

NB:First can be caught or t&r Name Weight KG Line KG Points
First Raglan Tuna Shane Hartgill 4.97 4 124.25
First Raglan Marlin Murray Wallace 91.00 24 379.17
First Raglan Albacore Wayne Rendall 8.10 24
First Billfish of the Season Not caught
Club Boat with First Marlin Plan Sea
Heaviest Marlin Overall Murray Wallace 91.00 24 379.17
Heaviest Black Marlin Not caught
Heaviest Blue Marlin Not caught
Heaviest Striped Marlin Murray Wallace 91.00 24 379.17
Heaviest Shortbilled Spearfish Not caught
Heaviest Broadbill Not caught
Heaviest Albacore Keith Vallabh 12.20 10 122.00
Heaviest Kahawai Tony Brinkworth 3.14 8
Heaviest Mahimahi John Sharp 13.60 37
Heaviest Shark Not caught
Heaviest Skipjack Tuna Keith Vallabh 7.10 10
Heaviest Snapper Graeme Barnard 9.48 10
Heaviest Snapper Jnr Todd Higgs 6.00 10
Heaviest Trevally Todd Kerr 3.17 6
Heaviest Yellow Tail Kingfish Mark Olsen 22.20 37
Heaviest Yellow Fin Tuna Not caught
Heaviest Other Fish Frank van Vroonhoven 14.30 37 Bluenose
Heaviest Tope Not caught
Heaviest Trout Not caught
Heaviest Fish by a Junior Zane Toner 14.82 37 Kingfish
Saltwater Fly Senior- not trout Not caught
Saltwater Fly Junior Not caught
Heaviest Albacore Junior Jake Dingle 6.37 24
Heaviest Blue Shark Not caught
Heaviest Blue Shark Jnr Not caught
Heaviest Hapuka,Bass, Bluenose Frank van Vroonhoven 14.30 37 Bluenose
Heaviest Hapuka, Bass, Bluenose – Jnr Slade Kerr 2.69 37 Bass
Heaviest Kahawai Jnr Jake Dingle 2.77 24
Heaviest Mahimahi Jnr Not caught
Heaviest S/J Tuna Jnr Jake Dingle 5.22 15
Heaviest Trevally Jnr Slade Kerr 2.13 6
Heaviest Junior Trout Not caught
Heaviest Junior Tope Not caught
Heaviest Yellowfin Tuna Jnr Not caught
Heaviest Yellowtail Kingfish Jnr Zane Toner 14.82 37
Most T & R Snr -Number of Fish Roddy Anderson x 2
Most T & R Jun -Number of Fish Slade Kerr x 2
Jake Dingle x 1
Alex Purdie x 1
Individual Landbase – Heaviest fish Mark Dingle 2.54 10 Snapper
Most Meritorious Senior
Most Meritorious Woman
Most Meritorious Junior
Fisherman Of the Year – Most Species Frank van Vroonhoven x 8
FisherWoman Of the Year – Most Species Michelle Dingle, Kayla Forkett, Renne Doig & Sonia Page x 4
Junior Fisherman of the Year -Most Species Slade Kerr x 8
Most Points for a Single Fish – Senior Murray Wallace Striped Marlin 379.17
Most Points for a Single Fish – Woman Kayla Forkett Skipjack 138.75
Most Points for a Single Fish – Junior Not caught
Boat with most Points
First Equal Alleviate 1385.25
Blackbeard 1200.00
Third Pastis 1200.00
Top Individual Angler- Overall Points
First Equal Roddy Anderson 1200.00
Second Gary Pitcaithly 650.00
Richard Faisander 600.00
Gerry Gerrand 600.00
Stephen Purdie 600.00
Top Individual Angler – Female
First Kayla Forkett 574.00
Second Equal Sonia Page 100.00
Stacey Sharp 100.00
Top Individual Angler – Junior
First Alex Purdie 600.00
Second Equal Slade Kert 150.00
Jake Dingle 100.00
Elite Mishap Trophy (skipper of the Year) Tony Brinkworth
Strirrers Trophy Russell Court
Old Man of the Sea Frank van Vroonhoven
First Albacore Tony Brinkworth 30.12.14
First Albacore Jnr Sean Brinkworth 04.01.15
First Blue Shark Sonia Page 19.03.15
First Blue Shark Jnr Jake Dingle 20.03.15
First Hapuka/Bass/Bluenose Tony Brinkworth 03.01.15 Bass
First Hapuka/Bass/Bluenose Jnr Slade Kerr 17.08.14 Bass
First Kahawai Mark Dingle 05.07.14
First Kahawai Jnr Hamish Mellow 23.08.14
First Mako Shark Todd Kerr 03.01.15
First Mako Shark Jnr Slade Kerr 20.03.15
First S/J Tuna Tony Brinkworth 30.12.14
First S/J Tuna Jnr Sean Brinkworth 04.01.15
First Snapper Mark Dingle 05.07.14
First Snapper Jnr Kate Bennett 08.11.14 down to time
First Striped Marlin Roddy Anderson 18.01.15
First Striped Marlin – Jnr Alex Purdie 29.03.15
First Trevally Ian Power 08.11.14
First Trevally Jnr Alana Shaw 03.01.15
First Yellowtail Kingfish Ant Higgs 10.08.14
FirstYellowtail Kingfish Jnr Jesse Dingle 08.11.14
First Yellowfin Tuna Not caught
First Yellowfin Tuna Jnr Not caught