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NZSFC Current Lines – May 2016 Issue 2

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What with the current debacle going on with commercial high grading, dumping of unwanted catch, and over fishing as alluded to by last week’s news headlines on TV, print media and Social Media, there has been no time to listen to the radio as such.  However, I found an old favourite tune on Facebook, sung by a different band, look for “Sound of Silence” by Disturbed. This is what dealing with those who are supposedly looking after our Fisheries, and by default working for our elected representatives.  When will we be heard and listened to!

Fishing out West is full on for the Manukau Sport Fishing Club boys at the moment! The swords are in town and the guys are getting out there and doing the business. Sunday was a day to remember, with a few club boats coming up trumps out deep. “SHALL WE” had their day in the sun, and what a day it was with two nice swords coming in the boat, and pulling the hooks on a third.  Anglers were Mike Stallard, with a nice fish of 91.1 kg and Derek Meinhold landing the second.  “DARK HORSE” featured again with skipper Brian Mankelow putting Ants Thomas onto a good sword on their first drop of the day, weighing 109.7 kg!  Well done guys, good stuff!  Paul Thompson on his boat “LEDASTRAY” was among the action with a nice sword of 113.2 kg with crew member Mike.  Another great fish weighed in on the Mangere Boating Club scales.  Today was another good day out there with Ken Poulton on “REEL SCREAMER” putting Kevin Rigby onto a lovely sword later weighing in at 122.2 kg.  Nothing better than midweek fishing when you can get it – congrats guys!!
For something a bit different the boys on M&M, skippered by Mark Savekouls saw his crew thinking they were in with a big sword, being fully loaded up for a couple of hours. What they didn’t expect to see was a pretty large oceanic Thresher pop up beside the boat!    I think the guys were a bit gutted it wasn’t the target species, but a pretty cool catch and amazing looking shark!  Well done guys, keep on enjoying the good fishing for all of you who are getting out, it’s keeping the rest of us jealous that’s for sure!!  These phone calls after a day at work are hard going!!!
09 May Ahipara recorded their West Coast caught Broadbill for member Leighton Matthews caught from the vessel “Westie 1”, weighing in at 170.5kg.
16 May 23, 2016 fishing for the Bay of Islands Swordfish Club, angler Guy Jacobsen fishing on “Hook n Bull” with skipper John Batterton were out chasing the men’s 15kg line class Broadbill world record.  They got close with a respectable 125.0kg, but not close enough, with the NZ record standing at 172.40kg and the world record at 177.81kg.
Same location, same team, and same angler still on record fishing mode went out and caught a Mako Shark weighing in at 159.6kg, beating a recently caught record claim for Scott Tindale on 1kg line.  Scotts fish was beaten by a mere 68.4kg which weighs more than the record in our 2016 NZSFC booklet at 68.2 kg caught on 22/02/2010 by D Kahlenberg out of Whakatane.
Special mention to the Mangawhai Boating & Fishing Club, formerly the “Otamatea Boating & Fishing Club” who this July are celebrating the clubs 50th Jubilee.  Well done to the Club and their members for this significant milestone.
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