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NZSFC Current Lines December 2016 – Issue 2

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CURRENT LINES – December 2016 Issue 2

Watching an episode of “Prime Rocks GENISIS”, a great watch, and then turn the radio on to hear this classic, “creeping up the blind side, shinning up the wall, stealing thru the dark of night, climbing thru a window, stepping to the floor, checking to the left and the right, picking up the pieces, putting them away, something doesn’t feel quite right.  Help me someone, let me out of here, then out of the dark was suddenly heard welcome to the Home by the Sea.”

Marlin lost at back of boat on Wednesday 7th at Muriwai.  It was suspected to be a Blue Marlin.  In the 2006/2007 season the first Marlin of the season weighed, was a Blue Marlin at Tutukaka in December as well.  On Friday 9th a Marlin was hooked and lost wide of Cape Brett

Whakatane 2016 Xmas Hams Tournament sponsored by Surtees Boats “Built to Fish” was a great success with some amazing fish caught and beautiful weather to boot.  Well done to all the anglers who entered, and enjoyed a weekend in the Bay.  Here are the results:

Snapper: Stu Ennis off Wotz Work = 11.06kg; James Ennis off Wotz Work = 9.92kg; Steve Meharry off That’z Us = 9.59kg; Tarakihi: Helena Preater off Spartacus = 2.07kg; Richard Byrne off Sea Striker = 1.78kg; Jemma Shaw off Sea K = 1.75kg; Kahawai: John Hay off E Fishcient = 3kg; Emily Crum off Sheer Bliss = 2.99kg; Alan Inman off Toppaz = 2.93kg; Liz Donoghue off Mussgo = 2.93kg; Red Gurnard: Willie Coates off Triple Header = 0.89kg; Bev Hay off E Fishcient = 0.87kg; Alan Pask off Red Baron = 0.78kg;  Trevally: Les Brinkley off Blu Beat IV = 1.67kg; Jean McNeill off Sorrento = 1.65kg; Neil Wilson off Frost Bite = 1.64kg.
Species/Weight: 50kg Yellowtail Kingfish; Angler: Francis Lim, Method: Live Kahawai, Location: Ranfurly Banks, NZ. Boat: Cova Rose: Captain Rhys reports that he suspects the fish is over 50kg as the scales are bouncing between 50 and 52kg.  However, sea conditions made it difficult to get an exact weight. Congrats to Francis what an Epic catch!

17/12 – A tuna from ‘Outsider’ heading for the weigh station. The first this season for our club.

17/12 –  Headed out to Mayor today for a stickbait session. On our way home spotted a work up, headed over to investigate, and on the way spotted a Striped Marlin cruising on the surface.  Had him following stickbaits a few times, but couldn’t get a bite, so jumped him with the spear gun, but couldn’t get a clear shot. In 80 metres of water in between Mayor and Tauranga.  Water temp was a scratch under 18.

Also, heard via the VHF that a Marlin was lost after three hours …hard luck guys.

As the year draws to an end, let us take the time to remembers those who have passed, those who have lost someone, those who are volunteers, those who sponsor and those who participate in our sport.  That new red lure from Santa may just be the one to win you that championship title in the 2017 SIMRAD ITM NZSFC Nationals, or that special look when one of the kids catch their first fish on their new rod.  To all who read Current lines have a safe and special end of year full of festivities, a great new year’s awakening, and in all cases when going fishing, let’s be careful out there.


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