Club News September 2019

NZ Underwater Survive the Dive: Fit – Check – Signal

Watch the YouTube video here.

All Kiwi divers, including those engaged in SCUBA, spearfishing, and food-gathering activities are reminded to Survive the Dive by following the principles of “fit, check and signal”.

Why Fit?
Poor heart health and a lack of general fitness are a primary cause of diver fatalities in New Zealand, especially for those over the age of 40. A committed cardiovascular program supported by regular diving-focused medical check-ups is central to a safe diving plan. And “fit to dive” means sober too! Regardless of age, alcohol and drugs do not mix with diving. Even a hangover can contribute to serious trouble in the depths, so please get real about your physical state before taking a splash to put a feed on the plate.

What’s Check?
Simple, really. Check the weather, check the boat, check the gear, check your mate’s gear. Check anything and everything because you know what they say, if it can go wrong, it will go wrong! For tips on checklists visit but for now, remember “weather – boat – gear before go!”

And signal?
Signal the boat – A legal dive flag flown on every boat is mandatory. Signal You – Numerous devices are available to signal spearos and snorkellers in the water as well as SCUBA divers on the surface. Signal the trip – report the trip an external party like the NZ Coastguard, as well as friends and family.

Being safe is being seen, and signal first to get found fast!

So, remember Fit, Check and Signal to Survive the Dive!

Watch the YouTube video here.