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May 2014 Club Night – Wave Dancer!!

May 2014 – Wave Dancer!!

Have you ever fished the Hauraki Gulf work-ups? It’s an amazing feeling being in the middle of a frenzy feeding of gannets, dolphins and whales as they smash the pilchard schools.
Right on the doorsteps of the Waikato region is the Hauraki Gulf – one of the best Snapper fisheries in the world. Join us at our May Club Night where the Wave Dancer team will introduce us to the action packed world of fishing for Snapper and Kingfish in the Hauraki Gulf on light but powerful softbait rods.

Come on down and listen to Grant Bittell (a ‘workup specialist, a Wave Dancer captain and a partner in Catch fishing tackle):
– Learn how Wave Dancer finds fish using birds, dolphins and other indictors.
– How to “read” a work up (they are not all created equal), and how to effectively fish them.
– The tackle that is used on Wave Dancer, including NZ’s hottest new lures, Catch BetaBug, and Catch Kabura. Learn the best way to fish these lures.
– Learn about the history of the Inchiku and Kabura lures, and what makes them so highly effective at catching almost all New Zealand fish species.

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