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Legasea – You cannot be serious

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LegaSea appreciates your willingness to stay abreast of the issues affecting our taonga, our marine treasures. This month we want to give you an insight into our latest work, and signal what’s coming our way over the next few years.

The Ministry’s latest proposals, the Fisheries Change Programme, has quota shareholders licking their lips in anticipation of fewer regulations, no minimum size limits for the fish they take, and quota increases.

We do not want more dead fish. In March we sent MPI a submission advocating that closing inshore areas to trawling and seining would be a good start. A closure would be simple to enforce and would help protect spawning and juvenile fish and habitats.

In addition, we encourage you to review the latest news from our FishCare team. Thanks also for your recent feedback, keep it coming.

You cannot be serious

You cannot be serious

In February the Ministry for Primary Industries proposed a range of measures including removing the minimum size limit for most species, paving the way for a land-all catch policy for commercial vessels and an increase in commercial quotas.

Given the state of our fisheries we must reduce fishing mortality not encourage it.

Small fish get caught and crushed in trawl nets, even if they are not the target species. If we remove bottom trawling from inshore waters it would go a long way to reducing the numbers of fish that are wasted.

 LegaSea worked with a number of organisations to coordinate a comprehensive response to the Ministry’s proposals. Read more. 

Fatal flaws in MPI plans

Fatal flaws in MPI plans

MPI’s proposed changes are being welcomed by large quota owners who clearly expect the Minister to increase catch limits.

LegaSea is adamant there must be no increase in commercial catch limits based on estimates of historic wasteful, illegal dumping of fish.

The proposals favour large companies. However, the changes will be another nail in the coffin for the small, independent commercial fishers who are already struggling to keep their heads above water. Read more

What can we do better? 

What can we do better?

In our March submission responding to the Ministry’s most recent proposals we made 15 recommendations aimed at increasing abundance and diversity in our marine environment.

We repeated the call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into both the quota system and how our fisheries are managed.

We also need to phase out bulk harvesting methods such as bottom trawling to protect vulnerable habitats and juvenile fish.

World’s best practice of managing fish stocks at higher levels and a good dose of common sense would go a long way too. Read more.

FishCare – Keep your fish fresh

FishCare keep your fish fresh

Mandy Kupenga and Scott Macindoe guide us through the process of keeping our fish in tip top condition for eating and sharing.

Handy tips for making an ice slurry, how and where to iki a fish, and what to do with kahawai and tuna to make sure they taste the best when you get them home.

Scott shows us how to fully use the fish we catch. He also explains why it is important to use as much of the fish as possible, to give maximum respect to the fish we harvest, to the environment and the community we share our fish with.

This video is a must watch if you are getting stuck into the last of the summer fish that are fattening up prior to winter. Watch the video.

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