November 2018 NZSFC

LegaSea Update

Report: LegaSea Governance and Advisory activity for the
period August – October 2018
For: New Zealand Sport Fishing Council club delegatee, Zone
meetings and AGM, October 2018
By: Sam Woolford and Louise O’Sullivan
Date: 24 October 2018
1. Supporter Engagement
a. Events. LegaSea presented at 12 events over this period including the Gisborne
A&P show and Hawkes Bay A&P show. We engaged with an estimated 6800
people between Whangarei and Napier helping them understand the issues
facing our inshore fisheries and what they can do to minimise their impact on the
marine environment.
2. Projects
a. FishCare. This programme continues to evolve and grow. We have now
presented messages over 827,000 times in digital or print mediums and events.
i. Events. NZ Marine generously provided exhibition space at the On Water
Boat Show this September. This allowed us to present principles and
messages to the 18,000 attendees.
ii. Community Engagement. Kelly Tarlton’s are integrating FishCare
messages into their educational programme. This is to be launched the
beginning of the first school term in 2019.
b. The Kai Ika Project. Recreational fishers are starting to catch on. Collectively we
are are feeding the growing demand for fish heads and frames many of which we
used to throw away. To date, we have collected and distributed over 22,000kg of
fish parts. Also:
i. Expansion. The charter fleet at Westhaven (Z Pier) has committed to
supplying the Kai Ika Project this summer. We estimate a four-fold
increase in fish parts. Collections are to begin from the 3rd of November.
ii. Fundraising. To cover the expected increase in expenses a fish filleting
service will be provided at OBC this summer. This service is ensuring a
revenue stream which in turn will facilitate the growth of the Kai Ika
3. General Communications:
a. Print publications. Around 11 substantive updates, articles and opinion pieces
have been written for a range of publications. Selected pieces are published on
the LegaSea website.
b. Media releases. Our media releases were published 32 times in various
publications including New Zealand Herald. Voxy and regional publications.
c. Digital communications. Three electronic updates were sent to our subscribers.
d. Website. The LegaSea website is undergoing a rebuild. Advocacy and fisheries
management are complex issues. The objective, simplify navigation and provide
better interoperability with the new NZSFC website.
e. Social Media.
i. Facebook. We have recently reached 44,000 followers on our Facebook
page and are engaging an average 17,000 – 18,000 people on a monthly
ii. Instagram. Continues to build thanks in part to Dan Westerkamp. Dan is
a keen volunteer and talented underwater photographer who is becoming
more involved in administration of the LegaSea Instagram account.
4. Partners and Fundraising
a. Grant Seeking. Bobby Stafford Bush has committed to provide funding to
purchase a refrigerated truck and support the Kai Ika project. Their commitment
represents a vote of confidence by the wider community for the Kai Ika project.
Additionally we have applied for grants from:
i. The Auckland City Council Waste Minimisation Fund
ii. Ministry for Environment
b. Partners
i. Moa Brewery. LegaSea Lager is now in the market. With a percentage of
every sale going to LegaSea, it’s a simple way for the clubs and
individuals to support LegaSea financially. LegaSea Lager is available to
the public though Countdowns in the North Island, and for clubs, it can be
sourced at your local Allied/Tasman liquor or Gilmours. For more
information, email us at
ii. Barkers Clothing. This Christmas we will be offering an exciting new
range of clothing. With a more diverse range available, we hope to have
something which will appeal to everyone this summer.
iii. New Platinum Partner. Extreme Outdoor Adventures have come aboard
as our latest platinum partner. The partnership is to commence January
iv. Partner renewals. Yamaha and Brittain Wynyard have re-confirmed their
Finally, thank you. The support of the NZSFC Clubs, affiliate members and Partners is vital. It
allows LegaSea to focus on increasing public awareness for the need to restore our fisheries.
Without your support, we wouldn’t have a platform from which to operate.