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Legasea Quarterly Report

LegaSea Quarterly Report
24 October 2017
Prepared for: New Zealand Sport Fishing Council Club Delegates and Board members
Prepared by: Sam Woolford
Supporter Engagement and Public Awareness
1. Subscribers. Thank you to those who contributed their valuable time to be at the On
Water Boat Show and the Tauranga Spring Home Show. It’s this type of support which
has enabled LegaSea to enlist another 900 new subscribers from these events and
other channels.
To be successful we need as many people as possible engaged and learning about the
state of our inshore fisheries. You have the contacts, you understand the issues. Ask
your friends, family … any fishing folk “May I please have your permission to add you to
the LegaSea subscriber database” – then click here to enter their details.
2. Events. Since August we have presented at 14 different events, engaging with 3900
3. Television. The first episode of Matt Watson’s new show ITM Hook Me Up! saw the
WBO champion, Joseph Parker and his father as Matt’s guests. Both showed their
support by proudly wearing LegaSea Hoodies throughout the inaugural episode. With
74,000 people tuned in, this type of support has a significant impact. Thankfully, we have
heavyweight supporters like Matt and Joseph in our corner. Click here to watch an
excerpt from the show. Kia kaha Matt and Joseph.
4. Volunteers. Eleven people donated a total of 61 hours. It was their contribution which
made it possible for LegaSea to be present at two major events in two different cities
(On Water Boat Show and Tauranga Spring Home Show) at the same time.
Interested in volunteering? It makes no difference if you’re a salty dog or just a little wet
behind the ears. If you’re keen email and we will contact you
as soon as possible.
5. Communications
a. Print publications – Sixteen updates, articles and opinion pieces written for
various publications
b. Digital communications – Six electronic newsletters were sent to the LegaSea
c. Social Media – We continue to better our understanding of Facebook. Our reach
and number of followers are growing. August saw the highest number of new
likes since March 2016 and in both July and August our messages reached
around 560,000 people
6. Website – The LegaSea website is being updated. This will be more than just a
makeover of the existing website. New functionality will include:
a. A knowledge base of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
b. Comprehensive website search functionality (similar to Google)
c. A range of interactive components including surveys, polls and increased video
7. Campaigns
a. I Fish. I Care. I Vote. campaign. The campaign was intended to encourage
political parties to announce their fisheries management policies. We received a
strong response, mostly from an appreciative audience glad to receive some
analysis. Report attached.
b. The Crayfish Crisis campaign was launched July 11 to highlight the dwindling
number of crayfish in Fisheries Management Area 2 (between Pakari and East
Cape) due to mismanagement. Report attached.
8. Projects
a. The Kai Ika Project. Every week fish heads, frames and offal are picked up from
the Outboard Boating Club (OBC) by volunteers from the Papatuanuku Kokiri
Marae and distributed through the South Auckland community. In order to assist
with expenses and facilitate growth, we have been encouraged to submit a grant
application to the Ngapuhi Hapu Fund.
Word of this goodwill story is spreading fast. People in Tauranga have expressed
strong interest in setting up a similar model in the Bay of Plenty. Most recently,
the Bayfisher magazine has published a story celebrating the Kai Ika Project.
b. FishCare – The school of best practice. The FishCare programme has seen
more positive uptake. In September, the Tindall Foundation granted $20,000 for
FishCare. With four major grant providers now invested it is clear the wider
community see the value in this project. The general feeling is that this
programme is long overdue.
An awareness campaign was launched in conjunction with the On Water Boat
Show in late September. Key advancements include:
i. Tony Orton, Mandy Kupenga and Matt Von Sturmer have accepted
invitations to become FishCare Ambassadors. They were invited to the
role because of their record of promoting ways in which recreational
fishers can minimise their impact on the marine environment.
ii. TV Time. A segment on Fishy Business where Adam Clancey and Mandy
Kupenga generously provide air time to introduce their viewers to
FishCare (segment at 32 minutes)
iii. NZ Marine provided a stand at the On Water Boat Show which enabled
LegaSea to present FishCare to the estimated 18,000 attendees.
iv. Honda Marine, Catch Fishing and most recently Westhaven Marina have
stepped up to contribute their resources in order to help the programme
v. The Coastguard, Sustainable Coastlines and Southern Seabird Solutions
have committed to supporting the programme. They are providing
expertise and experience to help make the programme more robust and
informative for recipients.
Adoption and input by the wider community is what will make FishCare
successful. We can all do our part to support the programme.
1. Partners and Sponsors
a. Seacraft Ltd (Haines Hunter) has committed to a substantial contribution for
every boat sold. An estimated 100 boats are expected to be sold in the next 12
b. Catch Fishing have re-signed as Gold Partners
c. Whitehaven Wines and SaltAway have confirmed as new Gold Partners.
2. Promotions
a. Top Up for Legasea. Top Catch are launching this exciting ‘round up your
change’ promotion. It will be rolled out throughout the 13 Top Catch stores on the
1st November. This promotion will run throughout the summer.
b. The Triple Hookup. This promotion encompassing Burnsco and Switch Utilities
was sent to our supporter database in August. It encouraged them to change
utility provider. In return, LegaSea will receive a rebate each year they remain a
Switch Utilities customer.
The uptake for this promotion was underwhelming. The electricity market is
highly competitive with many companies offering big incentives for new
connections. With a target of 250 switches, to date, only 105 property owners
have switched. For this effort, LegaSea will receive an annual rebate of around
$7500 per annum. If you haven’t yet, please consider switching. Click here to
learn more.