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June 2015 Presidents Report

Weather in May showed Winter has arrived. So not alot to report for May.

I went to the Auckland Boat Show Spoke to a few of exhibitors about the Waikato Sport Fishing Club, and if they where interested in  talking at the Club nights.
There was alot of interest and I will give the committee contacts made, to follow up on.

I wasn’t there for May club night, but reports say it was interesting, with some impressive photos.

June club night has Joe Dennehy, the Soft  Bait Guru, coming along.
He is a hive of information and tips on the art of catching fish on plastic.
Even written a book on the subject. Come along it will be an evening of tips and pionters.

To date there has been no catch cards for May.
With 30th June being the end of the fishing season, if you have any catch cards for the 2014/2015
season, the catch card officer must receive them by the 13th of July. This is to sort certificates and trophiesfor the AGM.

All those members who have Club Trophies, could you please bring them along to the June Club
night or return them to Mark Olsen.

A couple of people have indicated a interest to help out. The committee welcome anyone wanting to come onboard.

We also need someone to step up to be the Catch Card Officer as the current officer Won’t be
doing them next year.
Membership Officer is also required, both roles you need to be connected to the internet.
( Don’t laugh areas round Hamilton, such as Temple view, Koromatua, Ngahinapouri, and others
don’t have internet, due to old exchanges.) You Don’t have to be a committee member for those positions.

Remember this is Your Club !!!
As members we want your Ideas and Comments on how you want your club to improve
and keep moving forward. Talk to, or email Mark Olsen, Ant Higgs or Alistair Lane. All Feedback is

Cheers, Roger