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FreeFishHeads NZ App

App available to make good use of your fish heads.


Utilization of our fish is conservation of our fish.

Ever seen a pile of fish heads and fish frames rotting on a beach? Some find the smell and
sight offensive, while others are offended at the disregard of our precious resources and
environment, and some are horrified by the blatant waste of food.

The vast majority of fish eaters in New Zealand eat only the fillets, meaning thousands of fish heads and frames are dumped at sea, on beaches, buried in the garden or simply end up in the trash. Most of the folk that discard the heads and frames will never be convinced of the joys of picking at a fish frame or sucking on a fish eye. How-ever there are thousands of Kiwis that would gladly take fresh fish heads and frames and feast on the sweet succulent meat.

The solution is simple, those that don’t want their fish heads can give them to some one that
does. Trouble is, people that don’t eat fish heads often don’t know the people that do. So
that’s why has been established, to bring kiwis together, make people
happy and reduce waste.

Utilization = More fish in the water.

Here’s how it works; A family gets a bin full of fish heads for free. This feast may fulfill their
fish needs for the week, so perhaps they won’t go and set a net in the estuary, or go to the
market and buy some commercially caught fish – fish that may have been caught in a destructive trawl net. So each extra meal gained from utilizing all the fish, reduces the need to take more from the sea.

If your not going to use you fish heads, here’s what you do. Log onto and click on ‘I’ve got unwanted fish heads’ then select the area closest to where you live or where you’ll be fishing. There will be a list of names and numbers of people that will take your fish heads. Take down a few numbers incase you don’t get through. When you are on your way back to the ramp, on the beach, at the back or at home – just ring up and arrange for a pick up or a place to meet. You’ll feel good for not wasting, and you’ll make someone’s day

So you want some free fish heads and frames? – here’s what you do.

Go to and click on ‘Register for free fish heads’ fill out your details and your done. Next time someone in your area has unwanted fish heads they’ll give you a call and you grab the fish heads off them – sweet as!

I’m sure you’ll be grateful for the fish heads, but it’s illegal to pay or trade goods for recreationally caught fish. But if you feel the need to koha or give something back, make a contribution to LegaSea who are working for more fish in the water.