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Fishing Reports

Raglan (West is Best) Report

The great Spring Snapper season has begin, Great reports of full fish bins with snapper up to 25lbs coming aboard, Most of the action is around 60-65mtr mark at the moment, In a few weeks they should be heading closer, I’ve always found the peak fishing to be 1st week of November around 50mtr, With the size and quality of fishing coming aboard outstanding I find I only need to take home 2-3 fish with enough to give the neighbor a fillet or two. This is a great time to year to experiment slowjig fishing on the west coast, Braid is key here as the depth is working against you, The large sliders and jitterbugs are deadly and make clean up on the boat a breeze. No Bait stains or bait cost. Jigging for Kingfish will be heading up at the outer reefs and Gannet island, if you find the weather window It would be worth the trip out.

Firth of Thames / Coro Report.

With day light savings here those evening Coro straylining sessions are high on my to do list! The charters are reporting great snapper fishing and a larger than usual john dory fishery. A livebait out the back whilst hooking into some snapper fishing is a very good insurance policy to get a few Johnny’s in the bin. Scallop’s are still around in good numbers, reports of the normal spots not producing as good as previous years but remember these shellfish do move around, Don’t be afraid to try some new spots this season, The quality of scallops are great this year, Nice and fat making a cozy fit in their shell.