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Barracouta isn’t the first word I like to use when writing a report on Raglan but many reports reflect the same. It just means changing around spots until you can get away from them, hopefully they bugger off in the next week or two, Once you manage to find a spot away from the razor gang some good fishing is to be had, Plenty of snapper to fill up the bin and the cold water fat gurnard are still as hungry as ever, If you cant get away from the couta there have been some great reports of limits of good fat snapper caught in as shallow as 8mtr – 15mtr, The warmer air currents are not helping you to cash in a sick day and hit the water as this is causing some high speed easterly’s but should be settling down soon and you will be able to get a line wet.

Firth of Thames / Coro Report

The Snapper drought is coming to an end, They are heading back in closer giving the small boat fishos a crack at them, many boats catching fish up to 6kg in the last few days, John dory are hanging around the farms so if you cant get onto the snapper it’s well worth getting some livies in the tank. I always use my heavy gear for John dory you never know when Mr Kingie will show up!