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Raglan Report

There have been some good weather windows to head out west and put some fish on the table. Plenty of boats getting good numbers of snapper around 35-55 meters all around that 40cm mark. The winter Gurnard are fat and tasty not being offered to the neighbors, If your missing out on this gurnard action try changing rigs from the traditional flasher / ledger style rig to a rig with the sinker at the top by your swivel and the baits sitting on the sea floor.

Thames / Coromandel Report

Be prepared to cover some miles! I find this time of year its hard to find the fish in close, the best plan of attack is to head out wide and keep and eye out for gannet workups, use heavy slow jigs or heavy sinkers to get your baits below the workup’s to the snapper feeding below. Binoculars are a essential part of my fishing kit during winter to find the birds / workups, a flat day with no chop will also work in your favor. If your struggling to find any workups use your sounder looking for the fish sign and work the drop offs / depth changing marks. The landbased fisho’s are getting some good snapper off the rocks this time of year but the numbers are low, a days fishing off the rocks may only present one or two fish but there is a chance of that nice 6kg plus fish pulling some string off your reel.