October 2018

Fishing Reports


This is the time of year to target large Snapper, They are aggressive on the bite and easy to get a good feed into the chilly bin, The snapper are currently around 60 meter mark, They should come in closer as the weeks go by, Gurnard are in good numbers in the shallows and up the harbour if you cannot get out wide. A rig with the bait sitting on the sand is best. The spring Kingfish are around Gannet and on the feed if you can get out at first or last light.

Thames / Coro

Workups is a good word to start this report with, The guys chasing these with Slow jigs and softbaits are catching some impressive snapper, The kahawai can be hard to get past so if you can drop the slow jig up current from the work up and drift through it you can avoid them and get onto the snapper! Fishing in the farms has been good, lots of boats getting a good feed and some very welcome by catches, Good Trevally and John Dory are floating around the farms so dont be afraid to change the your rig to suit.