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Fishing Reports


Barracuda is not the best word to start off a raglan report but yes they are a pain at the moment, The good numbers of snapper are sitting around 60-65 Meters but you may have to keep moving to get away from the Cuda, The snapper should stay at these depths until they spawn building up to the red hot fishing in November, If the weather is not playing ball don’t write off a day on the water all together, the rivermouths will be fishing well if the whitebait are running, this creates a roll on effect for a feeding frenzy, Whitebait = Jack macks = Kahawai = Snapper and Kingfish.

Firth Of Thames / Coro

The Fishing has been improving up the firth, Good numbers of fish being caught in the Waikawau Farms, The Ramp is a bit more tidal now so allow 1.5hours each side of low for launching depending on your boat size. Kingfish are everywhere around Coro still, so get those Rapalas out, Replace the rusty hooks and get them behind the boat around some foul ground. Livebaits are deadly but challenging to catch, Put the effort in and get the boat in a dark to get your livies as it will pay off with some awesome kingfish hook ups, I’ll leave the landing part to you!