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Fishing Reports


The water temps are cool now and the Kahawai are around in large numbers, They can be a bit of a pain if trying to get onto the snapper but are still a welcome addition to the smoker. Gurnard are in good numbers in the depths around 38-55mtr mark try using a fishing rig that allows the bait to sit on the sand with a sinker at the top rather than a flasher rig, this will increase Gurnard numbers, Circle hooks are best with the bait on the sand rigs, Snapper are patching with reports of good number in 5-12mtr of water and more out in the depths around 60mtr.

Coro / Firth of Thames

If the wind lets up to give you a glassy day on the water make sure you hammer down straight passed those old faithful mussel farms, you want to pack the Binoculars and look for the birds working out deep, Droping jigs and softbaits past the kahawai you will find some great snapper fishing is to be had, If you can’t find birds use your sounder or throw out the drift chute and cover some ground until you find them, If the weather doesn’t let you go wide the inshore / mussel farm fishing for snapper has been patchy, keep an eye on the moons and tides and if you can get a good combo they may be on the bite but are sensitive this time of year, That doesn’t write off inshore coro fishing all together though, The winter kingfish are in good numbers so find some livebaits and some structure with current and set a couple out on balloons, Berley up to bring them in and hold on tight!