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Fishing Reports


Fishing has been steady out west this month, plenty of options for every style of fishing, The boats heading to the Mokau trench are doing well, lots of hapuka / bluenose landed and a 227kg broadbill caught in late march here. the kingfish fishing has slowed with the odd day being hard to get them on the bite but others having great success on certain days, Snapper are in abundance at the 35-40mtr mark but also some great session are being had at around 10-15mtr with bigger fish coming in here it can just be a bit harder to get onto them.

Coro / Firth of Thames

This time of year is best to chase the kingfish. berly up and they will soon be around the boat, I find they are easiest to get around the boat in the farms then unhook your hook and float out to clearer ground before deploying livebaits, this give you much less chance of a bust off, Snapper are loving soft plastics this month with the brown/yellow colours being the choice of the month.

Game Fishing Report

The fishing has finally heated up around and inside mayor island, some great marlin being caught, to date most have been east or north of the aldies or down towards waihau bay, its good to see they have turned up in this middle ground. Livebaits deployed on the edges of baitballs has been very effective in hooking these in close marlin. West coast has been steady, we are starting to see a drop in water Temp which has caused the bite to slow a bit but stil lsome good fish caught down towards Kawhia.