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This is my favourite time of year to fish out of Raglan, A good chance to take the kids out on a nice day and tick off a larger snapper for them, We are hoping the weather will play nice and we will all be able to get out west for the snapper kingi classic comp, Boats coming in with good fish after a morning of fishing. The Kingfish fishing will be heating up with the warmer water coming in, The 21 or 23 reefs along with Gannet island will be good fishing with livebaits or jigs.

Firth of Thames / Coromandel 

The fishing has been all or nothing the past few weeks, bit of luck involved with the day you pick, But the fishing is only to pick up, The snapper will spawn when the water temp hits around 18degrees, This will create dynamite fishing inshore, Some good snapper coming in from underneath the work ups out in the middle. Throwing a stickbait around these workshops has also been very productive for kingfish chasing the baitfish, Take a range of stickbaits / poppers, once you have had one follow to the boat they will not chase again, change of colour or style may fool a hungry Kingi.