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DB Export NZ Fishing Competition

More about the NZ Fishing Competition.

Environmentally friendly

This competition is environmentally friendly – you can release your trophy fish because you only need to take a photo on our official NZ Fishing Competition measure and upload it to gain recognition of your angling skills.


The longest fish in each species will feature at the top of our leader-boards which recognises the best anglers in the country. The contest is for fish caught using a rod and reel only, but saltwater species can be taken from boat, jetski, kayak, or from the beach or rocks. For trout, fishing can also be from land or boat. Eligible species are detailed in our rules section here.

Bragging rights

This competition is all about bragging rights but YES, we have some very nice prizes of Bradley Smokers and Shimano fishing tackle to be won as well!

The Competition is on-going

Each season runs from April 1st to March 31st of the following year. Anglers can fish anywhere, any time so long as the entries are in one of the categories we recognise. You can register and enter after you have caught a fish and we encourage people who are fishing on charters to enter as well. The annual Leaderboards will keep you up with the play and our permanent Hall of Fame will be an enduring record of those great trophy fish and the people who caught them!

Eligible species

See rules

How do you enter?

You’ll need to have an official measure or access to one. Place your catch on it and take several digital photos that clearly show the fish and its length on the measure. Then you upload the photos which are approved by our admin team and loaded onto the leader-boards. Please take the best photos you can as if we can’t confirm the length we reserve the right to invalidate your entry. This competition is judged on length rather than weight, which means you don’t need a weigh station – just catch, release (if you want) and compare.

How much is it to enter?

$39.95 which includes the measure, plus $4.95 for postage and handling.
If you have a mate with a measure or you have one from last year, you can chose the registration only option for $19.95.

Currently registration is FREE and sponsored by DB Export. Check out the registration page for the FREE code to unlock your registration for this season.

For more information visit the competition website.