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Current Lines – May 2017 Issue 1

In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lions sleep tonight, let’s hope the mighty All Blacks put them to the sword as per below.
178.3kg sword just weighed in at Gisborne, caught by Colin Kerr from Discount fishing. Fat as! Hopefully a few more to come this winter 7/5/17.
Marsden Cove Fishing Club –  Late weigh in at the club. Members Mike Furlong and David Walker with Snapper tipping the scales at 8.24 and 5.52kg respectively. Mike’s fish is the new heaviest for the season.

161kg Sword for Mercury Bay fisho’s – Nice work! Thomas and Anthony’s swordfish went 161kgs. Thomas Boyd and the lads on” Out of the blue” just landed a nice Sword!  Bait was in the water, 5 minutes and hooked up. Hour long fight and on deck. On route to Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club, shot boys!
In Aussie – the quality of swords coming out of Eastern Victoria is nothing short of staggering and it is definitely becoming the hottest monster sword fishery that is world class!  Geoff McMahon’s post on his sword. (edited). “Tried so hard to get a sword off Eden with no luck, so off to lakes to see if we could get lucky. Trev picked me up 3.30am boat in the water 6.00am 2hr run out. First bite 2pm, 3.15pm sword alongside the boat Trev’s first, 64kg.  Dropped again, got the sword on, time 3.45pm the hardest fight I ever had, 11.30pm it was tied to the boat, 7hrs 45mins fight time.  Back to ramp 3.00am, then drive back to Eden, arriving at 7.00am.  What a day to remember, sword went 254kg.
Muriwai Sports Fishing Club – Nice day off the beach for team Overtime, club member Ellie out fishing with the boys with a nice 26.5kg hapuku.
6/5/ Whangaroa – Kelton Ryan and his Striped Marlin he caught on 15 kg spin gear yesterday. Solo effort, 139.2kg.
Hugo Maclean, Matauri Bay · You probably can’t see me in the photo but Mark Scobie and I just tagged our 3rd stripey for the weekend.  I think the season may have only just started.
Well I have had some pretty exciting days on the water in my time but today would be right up there with the best. A huge day on the water with Bluenose, Bass, Hapuka, Gemfish, Kingfish, Snapper and then a nice BLACK MARLIN right on dusk!  Totally stoked to finally get my cousin Corey out on the water along with his lovely partner Nicole.  As an ex Akura Fishing Charters Rarotonga skipper/deckie, Corey was even as surprised as me when our live Mackerel started racing for the surface and out jumped a nice fat black (Est 180-200kg) attached to it in 45-50m of water.  Nicole was hooked up on a black and we battled it until after dark and lost it after 1 hour 40mins on a little Shimano Saragosa 10000.  First for all species today for Nicole and Corey and what a way to finish the day. Mean!
Whakatane Sport Fishing Club NZ – The first swordie has been weighed for the Nicholson broadbill tournament by Jody’s Decision.  Angler is Daniel Laffey at 218.4kgs.  Well done to the team on Jody’s Decision!  1st Tag & Release for the Tournament. Well done Adrian Stokes on your two, yes two, tag & release broadbill over the weekend 7th May.
Marsden Cove Fishing Club – The big ones keep on coming. Congratulations Dylan Hovelle on his monster broadbill at 199.4kg.  Well done Dylan, Daniel and Gray on Boardroom. 8/5/2017
Tauranga Sport Fishing Club (Inc.) – “Kinghit” just landed first swordfish for GFAB Trailers broadbill challenge, weighing in at 5pm, strop the press. Congratulations to Charlie Champness fishing in the Tauranga sport fishing club GFAB trailer broadbill challenge weighing in at 134.2kg from sponsors grid Ports of Tauranga.
Not going to plan – This guy just came along and ate our sword bait!  Nice surprise while sword fishing! This isn’t the first time that this has happened.  A Striped marlin caught while fishing for swords!!!  Ate our kahawai bait that was stitched onto the circle hook around 100m away from the boat as we wound the bait up!  Let’s hope it’s not the last time!
Congratulations to Donna, Karl, and Mitch who won these life time awards; Inshore Slam – Karl Fitness, Billfish Slam – Mitch Tombleson, and  Billfiish Tagging Slam – Donna Pascoe.  All Slam Claims are ratified and will be presented at the next NZSFC AGM to be held in Tauranga.
Ahipara Gamefish Club– Helen Horrocks is leading the Striped Marlin Jackpot with her 137.5kg landed on the 26th of February. This concludes on the 30th of April and there is still time to catch a bigger one!  We have 31 entries with only Helens fish landed so far……. Not too late to enter….. The heaviest Striped Marlin was landed last year by Mike Fryer on the 30th of April of 153kg. He wasn’t in the Jackpot but shows what is still about in the next month.  Good Luck to all entered.
Last I heard lady shanler was still hooked up to a sword. Must be coming up to the 5-hour mark or more.  Phones are going to answering machines out there. Anyone got an update?  Update: still hooked up and can see the lights.  Will keep updating this post as more info comes in.  Have just returned from the club.  2.30am, time to see a very large swordfish for Daniel Johnson onboard Lady Shanler. Will update full details in the morning.  Here it is…… 356.6kg broadbill to Daniel Johnson on Lady Shanler. Skippered by Hamish Lawrie and deckhand Brad Bennetto. Awesome effort, 7 hours!


Current Lines