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Crayfish Crisis – Legasea

The Crayfish Crisis

Despite overwhelming evidence that the rock lobster fishery off the Auckland and Bay of Plenty coast is in critical condition, the Minister for Primary Industries says there’s no problem. Nathan Guy has no intention of doing anything about declining numbers of crayfish until at least April 2018.

Based on your support for action we wrote to the Minister in June highlighting the ongoing decline in crayfish numbers, the need for urgent action, and the widespread support for a moratorium on the taking of crayfish along the northeastern coast between Waipu and East Cape, the region known as CRA2.

LegaSea spokesman Scott Macindoe says Guy’s response is unacceptable.

“The Minister says he has reduced the number of crayfish being taken by commercial operators by 15%, but that’s crayfish they just couldn’t catch. Now he tells us he’s brought forward a “full scientific review” of the fishery to later this year.

Minister, by the time we’ve finished measuring the fishery we don’t believe there will be any legal crayfish left to count.”

Even the industry is feeling the pinch, with commercial fishers more than doubling their effort since 1997 and still not catching their full entitlement despite technology advances.

“We want to ensure there are fish left in the sea for future generations however, at this rate our grandchildren will miss out. We urge all New Zealanders to write to their MPs and demand to know what they will do about this absolute travesty. LegaSea calls for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the mismanagement of our precious fisheries.”

LegaSea wants you to understand the current state of the CRA2 fishery and why we need to take action now.

Taking action is easy

  1. Go here to watch the video.
  2. Write to your MP and demand answers.


Trish & the LegaSea team