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Fishing Reports


Barracuda is not the best word to start off a raglan report but yes they are a pain at the moment, The good numbers of snapper are sitting around 60-65 Meters but you may have to keep moving to get away from the Cuda, The snapper should stay at these depths until they spawn building up to the red hot fishing in November, If the weather is not playing ball don’t write off a day on the water all together, the rivermouths will be fishing well if the whitebait are running, this creates a roll on effect for a feeding frenzy, Whitebait = Jack macks = Kahawai = Snapper and Kingfish.

Firth Of Thames / Coro

The Fishing has been improving up the firth, Good numbers of fish being caught in the Waikawau Farms, The Ramp is a bit more tidal now so allow 1.5hours each side of low for launching depending on your boat size. Kingfish are everywhere around Coro still, so get those Rapalas out, Replace the rusty hooks and get them behind the boat around some foul ground. Livebaits are deadly but challenging to catch, Put the effort in and get the boat in a dark to get your livies as it will pay off with some awesome kingfish hook ups, I’ll leave the landing part to you!

September Club Night

This month we have the pleasure of hosting a very experienced Land based Fisho Robert Browning,

Robert has built himself a bit of a reputation / respect on the Facebook fishing community proving he knows his way around a surfcaster and your local beach, Hes a Local from the Waikato and a frequent visitor to the West coast harbours / beaches and isn’t afraid to show the young bucks how its done, He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Fish movements / Tides and Moons which will not only benefit your land based fishing, When was the last time you left the boat at home and targeted some nice snapper from the beach? You won’t want to miss this club night, Come down for a cold beer some good yarns and brushen up on your fishing skills from a Salty Sea Dog called Robert, Hes bringing his good friend Raj Irvine who is also a impressive angler,

When: 18th September, Starts 7:30pm (bar open 7pm)

Where: Waikato Sport Fishing Club, (Grantham Street Hamilton)’

Attendance and Club Membership Cash Draw on the night!

Product Of The Month

The new Shimano Curado DC, with its digitally controlled cast control, is set to revolutionize shallow water lure and bait fishing, with ultra long casts and instance control and feel, as soon as the lure hits the water. Eric Wong was the first person to use the new Curado DC in NZ and 3rd cast using a 1/4 ounce jig head and a 4 inch soft bait, in about a metre of water in the most unlikely looking spot, plucked this nice fish out. Curado DC will hit the shelves in early October.

Recipe Of The Month

With the 2018/19 Scallop Season underway it it would be rude not to share this beauty of a recipe with you all.

Scallop Fettuccine

Scallop Fettuccine Ingredients – 20 Scallops (leave roe on of course) – 1 packet of the fresh Fettuccine Pasta – 1 Chorizo Sausage – 3 tablespoons of diced Sundried tomatos – 1 diced fresh red chilli (deseeded), or 1 teaspoon of chilli paste – Handful of rough diced parsley – 3 limes (or lemons) juiced – 3 cloves of garlic finely diced – Extra virgin olive oil – Salt n Pepper Dice and brown off the Chorizo chunks in a pan, cook the pasta in salted boiling water until soft but still with a slight firm bite (Al Dente). Put cooked pasta into a large bowl and dress with olive oil, parsley, lime juice, salt and pepper while it’s still hot and steaming. Pan fry the scallops quickly on a high heat in the same pan with the pan juices from the Chorizo with some olive oil (2 mins absolute max). For the last 30 seconds of frying the Scallops, add the chilli and garlic. Add Scallops to the Pasta and gently toss so the scallops are dressed with the pasta. Serve and eat straight away.

Recipe sent in from @huntgatherfishforageNZ

Got a great recipe you want to share? Send it to

Meet your new committee members




Hello WSFC, 

Thanks to those that attended our AGM on Saturday 18th August and voted in the new committee. Your new committee is listed below.

We are all looking forward to making the club what you want and we will be in touch soon to talk to you about our ideas for this year.

If any other members would like to join the committee or help the committee, please contact us. We appreciate the support.

The WSFC Committee

<tdalign=”center” valign=”top”>dsg<tr”> <td” align=”center” valign=”top”>

Tony Thornton
President has been a club member since 2013 and was a committee member last year.
Tony Greene
Vice President 

vice-president@ has been a club member since 2015 and has been on the committee for the last two years.
Grant Snedden
Secretary has been a club member since 2016 and this will be his first year on the committee.
Julie Clausen
Treasurer has also been a club member since 2013 and has been on the committee for the last three years.
Taryn Olsen
Web & Communications joined the committee at the age of 15 and has been on the committee for the last ten years.
Colin Steer
Committee Member
Colin has been a club member since 2001 and this will be his first year on the committee.
Bob Gutsell
Committee Member
Bob is a founding member and past president of our club. Bob will be our NZSFC club representative for the next season.
Mike Innes
Hall Manager has been our Hall Manager for the last 6 years managing the day to day hireage of our club hall.

Remits and Policy Documents for NZSFC for AGM 

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Remits and Policy Documents for NZSFC for AGM

Hello Clubs and Delegates

Earlier in July you were forwarded documents for consideration prior to your zone meetings and the AGM.

I have attached for your information a PDF copy of all the documents.

As you will be asked to vote on these items it is important that you have read them and will have any queries and/or amendments ready for your zone meeting discussion.

Please ensure you have read this document prior to your zone meeting.  As this is a very large document your club will be sent hard copies of this document for you also.

Please click here for the PDF document


Helen Pastor
NZ Sport Fishing Council


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Hello Clubs and Delegates

Due to a few updates, please find attached the final first and heaviest record for the 2017/2018 season.
Certificates will be sent to your clubs shortly.

Click here for the records


Helen Pastor
NZ Sport Fishing Council

Gamefish Tagging News

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Gamefish Tagging News

Hello Clubs

Please find attached the Gamefish Tagging Newsletter.  Please circulate this to your members.  This is important as the address for the tags has changed.

Please make sure that your records officer or person responsible for returning the completed tag cards has this information so they will use the new MPI postal address in the future.

Please click here to open the report


Helen Pastor
NZ Sport Fishing Council

Fishing Reports


The water temps are cool now and the Kahawai are around in large numbers, They can be a bit of a pain if trying to get onto the snapper but are still a welcome addition to the smoker. Gurnard are in good numbers in the depths around 38-55mtr mark try using a fishing rig that allows the bait to sit on the sand with a sinker at the top rather than a flasher rig, this will increase Gurnard numbers, Circle hooks are best with the bait on the sand rigs, Snapper are patching with reports of good number in 5-12mtr of water and more out in the depths around 60mtr.

Coro / Firth of Thames

If the wind lets up to give you a glassy day on the water make sure you hammer down straight passed those old faithful mussel farms, you want to pack the Binoculars and look for the birds working out deep, Droping jigs and softbaits past the kahawai you will find some great snapper fishing is to be had, If you can’t find birds use your sounder or throw out the drift chute and cover some ground until you find them, If the weather doesn’t let you go wide the inshore / mussel farm fishing for snapper has been patchy, keep an eye on the moons and tides and if you can get a good combo they may be on the bite but are sensitive this time of year, That doesn’t write off inshore coro fishing all together though, The winter kingfish are in good numbers so find some livebaits and some structure with current and set a couple out on balloons, Berley up to bring them in and hold on tight!


NZ TV Fishing Shows

Ados Addicted to Fishing with Nicky and Friends, New season starts: Saturday 4th August 5pm on Prime TV , Episode one is out from Kawhia With young Tim Fairhurst (You may know Tim as Lead Deckie on Epic Adventures Charter, Smart marine Hamilton Guru Employee, Catch Fishing lures Expert and facebook page 2keenfishos)

Fishing and Adventure with our mates Scott and Mig, New season starts Sunday 5th August 4:25Pm TVNZ 1, Episode one is out from Tauranga catching monsters from the deep, Cant wait for another season of crazy antics, Massive fish and consequences, Adventure on!

Big Angry Fish New season with Milan and Nathan starts Sunday 12th August at 5pm on THREE (TV3) BIG Kingfish, BIG Snapper, BIG Berley trails, BIG colourfull Hats and Socks…

Built To Fish TV with Ben Brown has just finished Season two, Catch up on his episodes on his Facebook or Youtube channel


Product Of The Month

This Month’s Product costs less than a cup of coffee but could save your life!

Coastguard New Zealand have launched the Coastguard App “The Boaties Best Mate”

This App is a game changer – it’s what every boatie needs in their pocket when they’re getting ready to hit the water. Download it today!

Simply search Coastguard in the App Store and Google Play to download.

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