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Big Four Tournament 2019

April 2019 Club News

Worried you won’t get the Big Four bag?

Worried you won’t get the big four bag?  But you may score one of our other greats prizes!

Heres what on offer…

  • Big Four – Adult $1000 cash
  • 2nd biggest bag – Adult $250 cash
  • 3rd biggest bag – Adult $150 cash
  • Big Four – Junior $500 cash
  • 2nd biggest bag – Junior $150 cash
  • 3rd biggest bag – Junior $100 cash
  • Species prizes of:
  • Snapper – 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for Men, Women and Junior
  • Kingfish – 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for Men, Women and Junior  
  • Trevally – 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for Men, Women and Junior 
  • Kawhawi – 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for Men, Women and Junior    
  • Average weight Snapper $250 cash
  • Average weight Kingfish $250 cash
  • Five spot prizes of $100 cash
  • Plus spot prizes of product.
April 2019 Club News Monthly Catch Report NZSFC

New NZSFC Records

Hello Clubs

Please see below the list of updates of new records approved.
Carolyn Greenhalgh

Skipjack tuna, 14.35kg on 6kg line, caught Bay of Islands on 30/06/18. Women’s world record and NZ women’s record on 6kg.

Georgia Roberts

Southern bluefin tuna, 101.60kg on 37kg line, Waihau Bay on 07/06/18. Smallfry girl’s world record and NZ women’s and smallfry girls  record on 37kg.

Phil Roycroft

Southern bluefin tuna, 155.10kg on 37kg line, Waihau Bay on 06/07/19. Men’s World record and NZ 37kg line class record.

Marlin Candy

Tope shark, 26.12kg on 15kg line, Whangaroa on 09/10/18. Smallfry Boy’s world record and NZ smallfry boys AND Men’s 15kg line class records as well.

Zac Cameron

Snapper, 13.24kg on 15kg line. Junior Men’s world record but NOT a NZ record….world record only.

The following are NZ records.

Charlie Rowe, Blue marlin 209.00kg on 24kg, 03/01/19 Whangaroa, Smallfry Boy 24kg line class.

Scott Godfrey, Bass 29.80kg on 37kg, 06/03/19 North Cape. Junior Boy’s 37kg line class.

Nathanael Brown, Albacore 13.01kg on 37kg, 11/01/19 Mercury Bay. Junior Boy’s 37kg line class.

Brooke Olivia Laws, Bass 5.56kg on 37kg, Raglan on 16/12/18. Smallfry Girl’s 37kg line class.

Miller Varney, Mahimahi 14.84kg on 37kg, Tutukaka on 16/03/19. Junior Boy’s 37kg line class.

These records will be updated on the webpage shortly.


Helen Pastor
NZ Sport Fishing Council

April 2019 Club News Monthly Catch Report NZSFC

Current Lines March – Issue 2

– by Paul Batten

Gamefishing this year is a bit like a 4 non-blondes’ song: “And so I wake in the morning and I step outside
And I take a deep breath and I get real high, and I Scream from the top of my lungs
What’s going on?”

Ahipara Gamefish Club Inc. Legend Fisho, Julian Peters, landed a massive Kingfish. Weighed in at 30.5kg. Heaviest for Senior member so far this Season. Also, son Asher has the heaviest Kingfish and Snapper for Season for Juniors. Congrats to father and son! Also, the girls are killing it this season! Greer Carey pulled in this 126kg beauty on Nick of Time with skipper Corey Petera. Fantastic effort on her first marlin!

Tauranga Sport Fishing Club (Inc.) is with Zac Holmberg. ·Huge congratulations to team ELEVAR. Beauty of a shortbill spearfish to Junior angler Ezra Keenan. Caught in grid Port of Tauranga on 24 kg. A pending NZ & world record, it Weighed 34.5 kg. Also weighed a nice striped marlin to Matt Keenan same grid weighed 135.6. Awesome guys

Manukau Sport Fishing Club – MSFC  “C CRAZY” HAS A CRACKER ON THE WEST COAST – 183.2 KG BLUE (on 24KG TACKLE) AND A T&R STRIPEY! Well Saturday was the day for Pete Jackson and Dez Meinhold on “C CRAZY”… Heading out for an over nighter, the boys never got there. First up they tagged a nice stripey and then not long after hooked into a solid blue which they landed AFTER A 6.5 HOUR FIGHT and subsequently came in to weigh at Little Huia pulling the scales down to 183.2 KG.

Bay of Islands Swordfish Club (Inc) March 17 ·Zane Grey International Billfish Tournament results: Winning team with 1950 points, Nammu. Runner-up team also with 1950 points, Endeavour. Angler most tagged points went to Rod onboard Nammu with 1300 points. Heaviest Billfish – Mark’s 147.8kg Blue Marlin onboard Anchorage. 2nd Heaviest Billfish – Leighton’s 128.2kg Striped Marlin onboard Defiance.

Hawkes Bay Sports Fishing Club March 20  An update on the courtesy broadbill weighed in this afternoon. The broadbill was landed off Blackhead in 800 metres by Sam Christiansen onboard Optimum weighing 199.4kg. Hawkes Bay Sports Fishing Club 4 hrs ·3 pin albies caught in hb coastguard and 2 pin yellowfin 48.8 and 42.2 caught in mtf finance Napier

Mack Peach‎ to NZ BIG GAME FISHING March 19  Managed to drag this 170.6kg horse off a bait ball to get a bite and boat it on the Asalt out west during another great Counties Classic comp. Great times and a fish that will feed plenty.

Warkworth Gamefish Club inc March 19 ·A few lovely snapper for the younger members in our club. A great 7.29kg snapper for 6-year-old Karson aboard Bloodline and a 79cm 8.55kg snapper for Junior Oliver Adams aboard Blue Wazoo. Oliver’s fish took out the junior section in the leigh fishing comp and would have placed second overall in the senior section. Well done boys!

Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club (Inc) March 18 ·Our last fish on 15th March was a blue marlin, for Mark Morse on Anchorage who caught it on a Lumo Sprocket on 24kg line. Next day, junior angler Mikayla Binns on dad’s launch Born to Run, caught the heaviest mahimahi so far for the season, weighing 12.1kg, from behind Flat island, with a Kilwell Pacific Lure. (17th), we had 2 stripys at the weigh-station. One for Richard Clarkson on charter boat Cascade, weighing 161.6kg at North Cape, just before sunset, with a lure. The other stripy was caught in 140m back of the Cavallis for Jac Jongenelen on another charter boat; Gladiator. It was 92.3kg caught on a Ghost RG2 lure.
A pile of weigh-sheets come in from a trip to North Cape for Mataitai. They caught 3 yellowfin, a stripy and 3 blue marlin for the owner/angler Matt Gilligan, and Dennis Daly. Well done John.

Tauranga Sport Fishing Club (Inc.) March 17 ·The run of amazing Striped Marlin continues! Congratulations to Trudi Batson today weighing a 170.9kg caught on 24kg off Crows Nest in Tarpaulin Makers BOP sponsors grid!

Muriwai Sports Fishing Club is with Stanley Tracey Phillips. ·The team on out west getting amongst some very nice yellowfin today. Anna Steel’s one was 71kg and Conner Hunt’s went 64.7kg, both caught on #redgilllures. Conner’s fish was caught on a lure called the mrs, a new skirt design his mum Tracey had come up with.

New Plymouth Sport Fishing and Underwater Club Well done to the Ken and the crew off Wai Kiore – 129kg marlin to Nathan Vile. There have been 4 mahi mahi caught this weekend and a couple of broadbill dropped (one close to the boat).

Houhora Big Game & Sports Fishing Club March 13 ·2019 One Base Lucky angler ‘Last Person Standing’ prize. You don’t have to fish to be part of the lucky draws each night but you do have to buy a ticket to be in to win and you must be in the clubrooms if your name is called out. Go to to enter or enter at the club bar on Friday and Saturday nights. Wishing all those fishing this year’s Onebase tight lines and screaming reels.

Pelagic Research Network March 11 Shortbill spearfish are one of the most elusive billfishes and some exciting new research has shed new light on the species. The researchers tracked 6 shortbill spearfish around the Hawaiian Islands for a two-month period, and while the fish didn’t move a huge distance, they did exhibit unique foraging behaviour. The shortbill dove during the night time to feed and stayed surface oriented during the day. This is very different to other billfishes which generally dive during the day to forage when light and temperature penetrate deeper into the water column.…/arti…/pii/S0165783619300700…

Twenty-five years I’m alive here still, trying to get up that great big hill of hope, for a destination. Oh where to catch a marlin.

April 2019 Club News Monthly Catch Report NZSFC

Current Lines March – Issue 1

– by Paul Batten

Monday 18th March 2019

Firstly sorry to Crosby, Stills & Nash for butchering their great song;

“Got out of town on a boat goin’ to Southern Tuna waters, 
Trolling a reach before a followin’ sea, She was makin’ for the Knowles on the outside
And the downhill run to Whanga ma ta.”

Whakatane Sport Fishing Club N.Z March 8 at 12:35 PM  Results from the 2019 Bizzy Buddyz Annual Ladies Tournament. Well done to all the lady anglers, skippers and deckies who made this tournament a great one!

Bay of Islands Swordfish Club (Inc) 1 hr  Wow what an incredible tournament the Mainstream Reel Ladies was, and it is, all thanks to you ladies for coming to fish it. Congratulations to all our prize winners, the results were as follows: Top Team most points: Defiance, click the title link to see the full results.

Waihau Bay – angler Craig Braithwaite landed an 86.2kg Big Eye Tuna off the fizz boat “B-CAUS” caught on 37kg line in sponsors grid AA Smart Fuel. This fish was caught on 10-03-2019.

Whangamata Ocean Sports Club 10 hrs · check out the date on this one, or follow the link and see the photo. Well where do we start from yesterday, how about this awesome Black Marlin 
DATE: 9.9.19, ANGLER: Mike Stevens, SPECIES: Black Marlin, WEIGHT: 107.8kgs, TACKLE: 24kg, BOAT: Lara, SKIPPER: Mike Stevens, GRID: Unknown (if you do please let me know!) We don’t see many of these so well done!

Ocean-Spirit Fishing Charters is attending Warren Hay Marine & Shimano Tutukaka Small Boats Fishing Tourny at Whangarei Deep Sea Anglers Club4 hrs · Northland · Bloody top effort team!!! They didn’t take out the win missing it by 200grams CONGRATULATIONS to Lars Christensen, but did get first place tagged marlin section; 2nd place team most points over all.  Annette’s tally for three days fishing this week; *3 Striped Marlin (1 T/Y), *4 Mako Sharks T/R & *1 Hammerhead Shark T/R. what a week.

Bowentown Boating and Sport Fishing Club Yesterday at 3:06 PM  Congratulations Sam Morton!. 140.6kg striped marlin caught this morning on the vessel “Take it to the Limit”

Your Solutions MegaFish March 8 at 10:26 AM Hawkes Bay SFC Member, Brent Hogg getting it done at the Tauranga One Base onboard Valhalla with a 171.6kg Stripey. Also, on day one, a 300kg Blue was landed.

Manukau Sport Fishing Club – MSFC March 6 at 11:38 PM MARINE DEALS WESTCOASTER 2019, Over the 1st – 2nd of March, 85 crews came together to fish the Marine Deals Westcoaster out at Little Huia and this year was another successful tournament organised by the MSFC. Firstly, a big shout out to all of the volunteers and sponsors who make this tournament what it is. The Lynch family especially put their heart and soul into this tournament and the club in general – your efforts are not unnoticed and are much appreciated. The list of people involved goes on – THANK YOU TO YOU ALL! Follow the link for the whole story

Manukau Sport Fishing Club – MSFC March 6 at 6:53 PM ”REEL SCREAMER” WEIGHS 197 KG BLUE MARLIN OFF THE MANUKAU, Congratulations to angler Ken Poulton and Mark Sokolich on the wheel who landed this blue wide of the Manukau bar today.

Waihau Bay Sport Fishing Club March 5 at 4:28 PM ·Still some good catches happening. Here are some highlights; 30.2 Shortbill for Mat Cave fishing on Fred in Erin Dickson- Coastal Sales Expert- Harcourts Opotiki, Runaway Kat with a nice blue for Aidan Teesdale caught in Height 4 Hire, Over the last few days four striped marlin have been caught and five blues in AA Smartfuel Top Catch Takapuna Erin Dickson- Coastal Sales Expert- Harcourts Opotiki Top Catch

Counties Sport Fishing Club March 4 at 9:05 AM ·Fish ‘n Chicks was another successful event thanks to the hard working ladies behind the scenes. The coast was quite lumpy by late morning, with many crews choosing to head back inside the Harbour in search of a more comfortable fishing spot. Some of those to brave the conditions out wide were well rewarded; Caitlin Hunt on “the Tinne” T&R a nice Stripey and Tracey Burns on ‘Barmaid’ weighing one at 118.2Kg.

Muriwai Sports Fishing Club is with Susan PotierMarch 3 at 11:55 AM Club members getting amongst it. Congratulations team Tasman fishing the Whangaroa ladies comp on “Back in black”. Winning the tournament as well as the Calcutta. Debbie Green was the angler with a nice 119.9kg stripey.

April 2019 Club Nights Monthly Catch Report NZSFC

2019 NZ Sport Fishing Council Nationals Competition Results

The 2019 NZ Sport Fishing Council Nationals results are now available on their website.

Click here to view –

April 2019 NZSFC

Final Report on Recreational Harvest of Southern Bluefin Tuna 2017-2018

Hello Clubs and Delegates

Please find attached the final report on the recreational harvest of Southern Bluefin Tuna for your information and circulation.

Please click here to open the report


Helen Pastor
NZ Sport Fishing Council

April 2019 NZSFC

Fisheries Management and Marine Protection Report

Hello Clubs and Delegates

Please find attached our Fisheries Management Report November 2018 to March 2019 for your information and circulation.  Please click here to open the report


Helen Pastor
NZ Sport Fishing Council

April 2019 NZSFC

LegaSea Governance Advisory Subcommittee Report

Hello Clubs and Delegates

Please click here to open our LegaSea Governance Advisory Subcommittee Report to March 2019 for your information and circulation.


Helen Pastor
NZ Sport Fishing Council

April 2019

TSFC Broadbill Challenge

It’s back and it’s BAD…er I mean good, REALLY good! This year once again with the help of GFAB Trailers, Decoro, Stoney Creek and with the assistance of Bay Insurance Brokers the Tauranga Sport Fishing Club is proud to bring all of our swordfisher’s the opportunity to win $10,000!!! You’ll need to catch the heaviest Broadbill Swordfish equal to or over 260kg from 19th April to the 31st of May. You can enter at any time, but you must be entered in the event BEFORE departing.

$75 Adult / $55 Junior (whole event up until midnight April 30th )
$95 Adult/ $75 Junior (whole event from May 1st)
$20 Adult Day Membership per day (non members/non affiliated members)
$5 Junior Day Membership per day (non members/non affiliated members)
Tickets can be purchased here:

1st, 2nd & 3rd Heaviest Broadbill
First & Last Tagged Broadbill

Start Fishing directly following briefing Thursday 18th of April (before Easter Friday) – Final weigh in 3 pm Friday 31st of May.

Anyone may fish this tournament. If you are not a member of the TSFC or an affiliated NZSFC club then you will need to pay a day fee for days fished.
Fishing Area is Chart 54 (Modified) and access to/from the fishing area can be from anywhere in Chart 54 (Modified), however ALL fish must be weighed at the Tauranga Sport Fishing Club at 66 Keith Allen Drive, Sulpher Point Marina.

Prize giving is 6:30 pm Friday 31st of May.


Courtenay Robinson

Tauranga Sport Fishing Club (Inc.)

P 07 578 6203  |  F 07 578 9134

April 2019 Club News Monthly Catch Report Tournaments

SIMRAD Raglan One Base 2019 – Results

CategoryOverall PrizesPrize SponsorWinnerWeight & Line Weight
Spot Prizes9 x spot prizesMontage Kitchens & JoineryDrawn 
Trevally – 3rd overallSalt-Away Product Salt-AwaySonia Page0.9kg on 8kg line
Trevally – 2nd overall3 month Gym membership & personal training programmeFirst Place FitnessWarren Banks0.97kg on 15kg line
Trevally – 1st overallBahco 92pc socket setBarnard ConstructionNorm Tu1.71kg on 10kg line
Kahawai – 3rd overall$100 Waikato Stainless VoucherWaikato StainlessSonia Page2.91kg on 8kg line
Kahawai – 2nd overall$299 Waikato Stainless VoucherWaikato StainlessCameron Frew2.97kg on 8kg line
Kahawai – 1st overall$300 Waikato Stainless VoucherWaikato StainlessDon Rangiawha3.01kg on 10kg line
Snapper – 3rd overallMastertrade chilly bin 9.5L & Shimano Filleting KnifeBarnard ConstructionTodd Julian4.26kg on 15kg line
Snapper – 2nd overallEdge Fishing Crimping pliers and rigging kit and  Auto Trim Bag Auto Marine Trimming WorldRose Waitere4.72kg on 8kg line
Snapper – 1st overallShimano TeKota Reel & Vortex Rod, $50 Fish City VoucherFish CityDavid Darby5.17kg on 15kg line
Skip Jack Tuna – 3rd OverallFrantic Lure  and Bacho 10 pc driver setFrantic LuresJoel Fleming4.41kg on 15kg line
Skip Jack Tuna – 2nd Overall3 month Gym membership & personal training programme First Place FitnessKelly Fleming5.25kg on 15kg line
Skip Jack Tuna – 1st OverallRod Rack Downey ConstructionJoel Fleming5.3kg on 15kg line
Albacore – 3rd overallMastertrade 760mm Alu Tool box Barnard ConstructionMatt Olsen5.65kg on 37kg line
Albacore – 2nd  overallGym membership Snap Fitness Snap Fitness FranktonTodd Kerr5.69kg on 15kg line
Albacore – 1st overallMastertrade chilly bin 42.6L Supreme SheetmetalsSlade Kerr6.02kg on 15kg line
Kingfish – 3rd overallBoone Bag Buccanner BoatsAlison Ingley8.95kg on 15kg line
Kingfish – 2nd overall3 month Gym membership & personal training programme, Sports BagFirst Place FitnessScott Hamilton938kg on 37kg line
Kingfish – 1st overallLive Bait Tank Hi Tech PlasticsMatt Olsen10.59kg on 37kg line
Mahimahi – 3rd overallFrantic Lure Frantic LuresDrawn 
Mahimahi – 2nd overall3 month Gym membership & personal training programmeFirst Place FitnessDrawn 
Mahimahi – 1st overallBahco 92pc socket setBarnard ConstructionDrawn 
Tuna (Bluefin, Big eye, Yellow Fin)Vac & Seal Blue Wallace Surveyors LtdDrawn 
Marlin -3rd overallEdge Fishing Crimping pliers and rigging kit, Auto Trim Bag, $50 voucher Fish CityAuto Marine Trimming WorldDrawn 
Marlin -2nd overallPowerbuild 9D tool box, Frantic LurePower Tools & Abrasives LtdDrawn 
Marlin -1st overallShimano TLD52 Speed Reel & Penn Pro Rod, $50 Fish City VoucherProtech StainlessDrawn 
GurnardShimano TeKota Reel & Vortex Rod, $50 Fish City VouchersFish CityBrian Milne1.0kg on 15kg line
Shark Tag & Release Nilfish 1522 psi compact water blaster Voyager TrailersLucky Draw 
Most points Tag & ReleaseDometic 111litre Ice Bin Fullon FishingMark Olsen 
Skipper Draws – petrol vouchers 2 x $50 petrol vouchersAdept Interiors LtdDrawn 
Junior Most Points -3rd Ski tube and rope Downey ConstructionDrawn 
Junior Most Points -2ndCatch tackle backpac Carpet MillDrawn 
Junior Most Points -1stGo Pro White Built to Fish & Montage Kitchens & JoinerySlade Kerr506.5 points
Womens Most Points -3rdLife Jacket, $50 voucher Georges Beach ClubProtech StainlessDrawn 
Womens Most Points -2ndGym membership Snap Fitness, $100 voucher Georges Beach ClubSnap Fitness FranktonDrawn 
Womens Most Points -1stGo Pro White Built to Fish & Carpet MillSonia Page200 points
Mens Most Points – 3rdLife Jacket, Beta Bug PackMontage Kitchens & JoineryMatt Olsen100 points
Mens Most Points – 2ndToptul 3.8D Socket Set Power Tools & Abrasives LtdTodd Kerr134.25 points
Mens Most Points – 1stGo Pro WhiteBuilt to Fish & Buccaneer BoatsMark Olsen200.00 points
Top Team$1000 CashWaikato Sport Fishing ClubHigh N Dry640.75 points
Lucky Team Draw -3rdSimard Go5 unit Simard &Waikato Sport Fishing ClubI’MonaSkipper –  Craig Hawira
Lucky Team Draw -2ndSimard Go7 XRS Simard &Waikato Sport Fishing ClubWillie AwaySkipper – Will Fransen
Lucky Team Draw – 1stNSS9 Evo3 SimardTe Akau ExpressSkipper – Rob Page
April 2019 Club News Tournaments

Simrad Raglan One Base 2019 Photo Gallery

To view the photo gallery for this years SIMRAD Raglan One Base – Click here.

April 2019 Club News Monthly Catch Report

Catches to Date – 31 March 2019

SpeciesFirst NameLast Name Weight Line WtDateLand/Boat nameMember Type
AlbacoreGlenArcher         5.51 151/03/2019Willie AwayAdult
AlbacoreMarkBennett         4.82 152/03/2019LegaseaAdult
AlbacoreMichaelBriggs         2.92 151/03/2019Fish FilletAdult
AlbacoreSeanBrinkworth         5.39 152/03/2019LegaseaJunior
AlbacoreBenBrown         5.51 151/03/2019Willie AwayAdult
AlbacoreTonyBrunton         3.60 151/03/2019Fish FilletAdult
AlbacoreWillFransen         5.38 151/03/2019Willie AwayAdult
AlbacoreWillFransen         5.30 152/03/2019Willie AwayAdult
AlbacoreSladeKerr         6.02 41/03/2019High N DryJunior
AlbacoreSladeKerr         5.43 22/03/2019High N DryJunior
AlbacoreSladeKerr         5.40 41/03/2019High N DryJunior
AlbacoreToddKerr         5.69 151/03/2019High N DryAdult
AlbacoreToddKerr         5.37 41/03/2019High N DryAdult
AlbacoreMatthewOlsen         5.65 371/03/2019De SaraphanieAdult
AlbacoreKelvinScown         5.07 152/03/2019Willie AwayAdult
AlbacoreColinSteer         4.71 2428/02/2019AlleviateAdult
AlbacoreFrankVan Vroonhoven         2.17 2422/12/2018Flying DutchmanAdult
BarracoutaDavidDarby         2.86 156/08/2018Barbara DawnAdult
BarracoutaReneeDoig         1.95 156/08/2018Barbara DawnAdult
BarracoutaReneeDoig         1.95 156/08/2018Barbara DawnAdult
BarracoutaFrankVan Vroonhoven830cm812/08/2018Flying DutchmanAdult
BluenoseFrankVan Vroonhoven       11.12 246/07/2018Flying DutchmanAdult
BronzewhalerMarkOlsen              –   01/03/2019TinaciousAdult
BronzewhalerMarkOlsen              –   02/03/2019TinaciousAdult
BronzewhalerFrankVan Vroonhoven              –   027/12/2018Flying DutchmanAdult
GurnardGraemeBarnard         0.84 101/03/2019Barne-cleAdult
GurnardKarenBlockley         0.87 71/03/2019Barne-cleAdult
GurnardMichaelBriggs         0.63 151/03/2019Fish FilletAdult
GurnardTonyBrunton         0.57 151/03/2019Fish FilletAdult
GurnardDavidDarby         0.79 151/03/2019Barbara DawnAdult
GurnardReneeDoig         0.87 151/03/2019Barbara DawnAdult
GurnardReneeDoig         0.70 152/03/2019Barbara DawnAdult
GurnardReneeDoig         0.68 151/07/2018Barbara DawnAdult
GurnardAndrewForkert         0.49 42/03/2019AlleviateAdult
GurnardBarbaraHubert         0.68 152/03/2019Barbara DawnAdult
GurnardGrahamHubert         0.87 151/03/2019Barbara DawnAdult
GurnardGrahamHubert         0.76 152/03/2019Barbara DawnAdult
GurnardTroyNicolson         0.89 152/03/2019Barbara DawnAdult
GurnardTroyNicolson         0.79 151/03/2019Barbara DawnAdult
GurnardTroyNicolson         0.67 151/07/2018Barbara DawnAdult
GurnardMurrayPage         0.60 41/03/2019Te Akau ExpressAdult
GurnardFrankVan Vroonhoven         0.92 1023/11/2018KBACAdult
GurnardFrankVan Vroonhoven         0.91 82/09/2018Flying DutchmanAdult
GurnardFrankVan Vroonhoven         0.78 1022/12/2018Flying DutchmanAdult
John DoryFrankVan Vroonhoven         0.97 822/12/2018Flying DutchmanAdult
KahawaiGlenArcher         2.17 102/03/2019Willie AwayAdult
KahawaiGraemeBarnard         1.87 101/03/2019Barne-cleAdult
KahawaiMarkBennett         2.13 152/03/2019LegaseaAdult
KahawaiKarenBlockley         2.08 71/03/2019Barne-cleAdult
KahawaiMichaelBriggs         2.75 151/03/2019Fish FilletAdult
KahawaiBenBrown         2.17 102/03/2019Willie AwayAdult
KahawaiTonyBrunton         2.19 151/03/2019Fish FilletAdult
KahawaiMarkDingle         1.30 157/07/2018Adult
KahawaiReneeDoig         1.36 151/07/2018Barbara DawnAdult
KahawaiGrahamHubert         1.30 151/03/2019Barbara DawnAdult
KahawaiSladeKerr         2.36 151/03/2019High N DryJunior
KahawaiToddKerr         2.07 151/03/2019High N DryAdult
KahawaiDanielMacDonald         2.63 247/10/2018T-RexJunior
KahawaiTaylaMackie         1.75 62/03/2019MackstaJunior
KahawaiKimMcVinnie         2.72 83/01/2019WarlockAdult
KahawaiKimMcVinnie         1.89 826/08/2018WarlockAdult
KahawaiTroyNicolson         1.56 151/07/2018Barbara DawnAdult
KahawaiMarkOlsen         1.90 21/03/2019TinaciousAdult
KahawaiMarkOlsen         1.63 22/03/2019TinaciousAdult
KahawaiMatthewOlsen         1.64 371/03/2019De SaraphanieAdult
KahawaiMurrayPage         2.48 41/03/2019Te Akau ExpressAdult
KahawaiGaryPitcaithly         2.71 628/02/2019AlleviateAdult
KahawaiScottPritchard         2.22 241/03/2019TinaciousAdult
KahawaiJacobSmith         1.87 102/03/2019MackstaJunior
KahawaiColinSteer         2.72 628/02/2019AlleviateAdult
KahawaiColinSteer         2.71 62/03/2019AlleviateAdult
KahawaiFrankVan Vroonhoven         2.96 1528/12/2018Flying DutchmanAdult
KahawaiFrankVan Vroonhoven         2.24 812/08/2018Flying DutchmanAdult
KahawaiFrankVan Vroonhoven         2.23 152/03/2019Flying DutchmanAdult
Mako SharkSladeKerr              –   01/03/2019High N DryJunior
Mako SharkMatthewOlsen              –   01/03/2019De SaraphanieAdult
Mako SharkFrankVan Vroonhoven              –   02/03/2019Flying DutchmanAdult
Rainbow TroutAaronBennett 4.3KG/73.5cm 423/12/2018n/aAdult
Skipjack TunaFrankVan Vroonhoven         4.31 152/03/2019Flying DutchmanAdult
Skipjack TunaFrankVan Vroonhoven         3.27 155/01/2019Flying DutchmanAdult
Skipjack TunaFrankVan Vroonhoven         2.20 241/07/2018Flying DutchmanAdult
SnapperGraemeBarnard         4.05 101/03/2019Barne-cleAdult
SnapperCormacBentley         3.39 153/11/2018Slim ShadyJunior
SnapperKarenBlockley         2.29 71/03/2019Barne-cleAdult
SnapperMichaelBriggs         2.48 41/03/2019Fish FilletAdult
SnapperDavidDarby         5.17 151/03/2019Barbara DawnAdult
SnapperDavidDarby         1.10 151/07/2018Barbara DawnAdult
SnapperKaneDelaney         8.16 415/09/2018Tin LizzyJunior
SnapperMarkDingle         1.51 157/07/2018Adult
SnapperReneeDoig         2.93 151/07/2018Barbara DawnAdult
SnapperReneeDoig         1.02 151/03/2019Barbara DawnAdult
SnapperTonyGreene         9.50 1516/10/2018Rell NantiAdult
SnapperGrahamHubert         1.07 151/03/2019Barbara DawnAdult
SnapperToddKerr         0.91 828/07/2018C’s OneAdult
SnapperLisaMacDonald         5.57 47/10/2018T-RexAdult
SnapperTaylaMackie         1.76 62/03/2019MackstaJunior
SnapperTroyNicolson         2.03 151/03/2019Barbara DawnAdult
SnapperMurrayPage         2.14 41/03/2019Te Akau ExpressAdult
SnapperJacobSmith         2.06 102/03/2019MackstaJunior
SnapperFrankVan Vroonhoven         3.82 1022/12/2018Flying DutchmanAdult
SnapperFrankVan Vroonhoven         2.62 82/03/2019Flying DutchmanAdult
Striped MarlinGlenArcher              –   029/01/2019Heavy MetalAdult
Striped MarlinBenBrown              –   029/01/2019Heavy MetalAdult
Striped MarlinKeithVallabh     110.00 2410/02/2019PuhaAdult
Striped MarlinKeithVallabh              –   05/02/2019Catch MeAdult
TarakikiFrankVan Vroonhoven         1.07 826/08/2018Flying DutchmanAdult
TrevallyDavidDarby         1.14 151/07/2018Barbara DawnAdult
TrevallyReneeDoig         1.13 151/07/2018Barbara DawnAdult
TrevallyGaryPitcaithly         0.39 62/03/2019AlleviateAdult
TrevallyFrankVan Vroonhoven         1.98 826/08/2018Flying DutchmanAdult
Yellowtail KingfishMelinaFeenstra         6.37 371/03/2019I’monaAdult
Yellowtail KingfishCraigHawira         6.37 371/03/2019I’monaAdult
Yellowtail KingfishCraigMacDonald       20.82 2423/12/2018T-RexAdult
Yellowtail KingfishLisaMacDonald         6.12 247/10/2018T-RexAdult
Yellowtail KingfishMatthewOlsen       10.59 371/03/2019De SaraphanieAdult
Yellowtail KingfishTarynOlsen              –   01/03/2019TinaciousAdult
Yellowtail KingfishScottPritchard         8.76 241/03/2019TinaciousAdult
Yellowtail KingfishScottPritchard              –   02/03/2019TinaciousAdult
Yellowtail KingfishKelvinScown         8.23 152/03/2019Willie AwayAdult
Yellowtail KingfishJacobSmith         6.88 102/03/2019MackstaJunior
Yellowtail KingfishColinSteer         5.79 152/03/2019AlleviateAdult
Yellowtail KingfishFrankVan Vroonhoven              –   029/01/2019Flying DutchmanAdult
Yellowtail KingfishFrankVan Vroonhoven07/07/2018Flying DutchmanAdult
April 2019 Club News

Your 2019 Committee

Left – Right: Colin, Tony G, Tony T, Grant S, Taryn O, Julie C & Bob G