Club News September 2019

AGM Final Documents

Hi Members,

Our final AGM documents are available to view here.

The AGM is on Sunday 8th September, 3pm at Grantham St Club Rooms.

WSFC Committee

Club News September 2019

NZ Fishing Website – Manukau/West Coast Fishing Report – 050919

Manukau/West Coast Fishing Report - 300819

Article sourced from NZ Fishing Website – Fishing Reports Section.

30 August 2019

Sunday is the start of the scallop season and is also the first day of spring and it just so happens that it’s going to be an enjoyable day. By Tuesday it will have all changed again with horrendous conditions. There’s nothing unusual in that, we will get more opportunities for fishing over the next two months but as soon as we think the weather is on the improve things will change, and it will seem like we’re back in the dark days of winter. Welcome to spring.

The important thing for me is to make sure that the conditions are good enough to venture over the coast. If in doubt, I stay home. While spring is a great time filled with promise, it’s also notoriously unpredictable, and we need to be patient and wait until the conditions are favourable for a bar crossing if that’s what we choose to do.

Club News September 2019

NZ Fishing Website – Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report – 050919

Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report - 050919

Article sourced from NZ Fishing Website – Fishing Reports Section.

05 September 2019

Mother Nature must have been celebrating Spring as September gets underway, the official start to the new season. Fishing was high on the agenda for many and those that did make the most of the 5kt variable weekend did well. The bite was noticeably stronger late last week/early weekend, tailing off a bit by late Monday/Tuesday. The bite was noticeably longer, then shorter and less aggressive as the days rolled past. Perhaps all their bellies were full? There are so many influences on fish behaviour but, after a fast and furious few days, the bite had to slow down for whatever reason. 

Club News NZSFC September 2019

Legasea/Fish Care – Killing large old fish and the unfortunate implications for our fishery

This article has been sourced from Fish Care website.

Selective breeding in fish – written by Anna Blair

According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the most successful organisms will survive to thrive and pass their genes on to the next generation. While environmental factors are normally the major determinant of reproductive success, when we interfere with natural selection, the gene pool is altered, a process termed Human Induced Evolution.

Selective agents

We tend to act as selective agents when fishing because there is a natural tendency to think that ‘bigger is better’ and to place a high value on ‘PB’s’ for different species. Large trophy fish often end up on the scales – most fishing contests bear witness to that observation.

Removing a disproportionate number of fish with certain genes from a population means those genes are not passed on in the same proportion to future generations and the percentage of those fish in the total population will decline.

Club News September 2019

NZ Underwater Survive the Dive: Fit – Check – Signal

Watch the YouTube video here.

All Kiwi divers, including those engaged in SCUBA, spearfishing, and food-gathering activities are reminded to Survive the Dive by following the principles of “fit, check and signal”.

Why Fit?
Poor heart health and a lack of general fitness are a primary cause of diver fatalities in New Zealand, especially for those over the age of 40. A committed cardiovascular program supported by regular diving-focused medical check-ups is central to a safe diving plan. And “fit to dive” means sober too! Regardless of age, alcohol and drugs do not mix with diving. Even a hangover can contribute to serious trouble in the depths, so please get real about your physical state before taking a splash to put a feed on the plate.

What’s Check?
Simple, really. Check the weather, check the boat, check the gear, check your mate’s gear. Check anything and everything because you know what they say, if it can go wrong, it will go wrong! For tips on checklists visit but for now, remember “weather – boat – gear before go!”

And signal?
Signal the boat – A legal dive flag flown on every boat is mandatory. Signal You – Numerous devices are available to signal spearos and snorkellers in the water as well as SCUBA divers on the surface. Signal the trip – report the trip an external party like the NZ Coastguard, as well as friends and family.

Being safe is being seen, and signal first to get found fast!

So, remember Fit, Check and Signal to Survive the Dive!

Watch the YouTube video here.

Club News NZSFC September 2019

Hooked Up Ezine Issue 21

Hello Everyone 

Please find attached our latest Hooked Up Magazine issue number 21 for your information and circulation. 

Please click here for the web version 

NZ Sport Fishing Council

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Club News NZSFC September 2019 Tournaments

NZSFC Nationals 2020

The 2020 NZ Sport Fishing Council Nationals

will start on 22nd of February 2020 and end on the 29th of February 2020

Entry forms and rules will be posted shortly.  


The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council Nationals shall form the arena in which anglers from throughout New Zealand compete, club against club, team against team and angler against angler for the honour of winning various trophies and titles that have been offered for this tournament.

The ‘Council’ will determine the rules and conditions that will apply to this tournament.

The ‘Council’ will determine the dates and hours of fishing the tournament.

For more information please visit the NZSFC website.

Club News September 2019 Tournaments

WSFC Shelly Beach Family Competition

This year’s Shelly Beach Family Fishing Competition will be held on Saturday 2nd November 2019.

Location: Shelly Beach Top 10 Holiday Park, Coromandel.

Club News Club Nights September 2019

No September Club Night

Due to our AGM and Prizegiving, there will be no club night in September.

See you all at our October Club Night on 15th October.

WSFC Committee

Club News NZSFC September 2019

NZSFC joint submission on sustainability measures and controls for Red Snapper, Tarakihi & Hoki

Great work from our Fisheries Management team this week with submissions sent in conjunction with The New Zealand Angling and Casting Association on sustainability measures and controls for the fishing year starting October for Red Snapper, Tarakihi, Hoki, Top of the South Island Trawl Fishery and reporting requirements for amateur fishing charter operators.

If you want to read more about these submissions just click here.

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Club News NZSFC September 2019

NZSFC Maui Dolphins Submission

This submission is made on behalf of Waikato, Raglan, Kawhia, New Plymouth and Cape Egmont Sport Fishing Clubs in support of the submission made by the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council to which these clubs are affiliated.

Please click here to view the NZSFC submission document.

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Club News September 2019 Tournaments

DB Export NZ Fishing Competition

More about the NZ Fishing Competition.

Environmentally friendly

This competition is environmentally friendly – you can release your trophy fish because you only need to take a photo on our official NZ Fishing Competition measure and upload it to gain recognition of your angling skills.


The longest fish in each species will feature at the top of our leader-boards which recognises the best anglers in the country. The contest is for fish caught using a rod and reel only, but saltwater species can be taken from boat, jetski, kayak, or from the beach or rocks. For trout, fishing can also be from land or boat. Eligible species are detailed in our rules section here.

Club News NZSFC September 2019 Tournaments

Tairua Fishing Club TRIFECTA 2019 Tournament

The Trifecta is staged on NZ’s fishing mecca of the Eastern Coromandel, and hosted at Tairua Fishing Club.

Once again we are planning an awesome social occasion that celebrates three awesome spring fish – hapuku, kingfish and snapper.

This years event will be run over two days again – the 27th and 28th Sept, giving you the best possible chance of catching all three species of fish.

We’ll have a range of awesome prizes once again for individuals and teams.

We hope you can all make it along for the third annual ‘Trifecta’!

For more information please click here.

Club News September 2019

Recipe for Month

Fish chowder

Winter is the time to chow down on seafood chowder. For prefect chowder you have to make your own stock from those heads and frames….yummo.

Click here to view the recipe on Eat Well

Club News July 2019 September 2019

WSFC 2019 AGM & Prize Giving

The Waikato Sport Fishing Club invites all members, families and friends to attend the 2019 Annual General Meeting and season prize giving on Sunday 8th September 2019.

2019 Annual General Meeting & Prize Giving

Sunday September 8th 2019
3.00pm at Club Rooms.

If you have any trophies in your possession, could you please return these asap to any Committee Member so we can prepare them for this year’s prizegiving.


2:30pm: Bar opens
3:00pm: AGM

• Welcome
• Apologies
• Minutes of previous AGM
• President’s Report
• Treasurer’s Report
• Financial Report

o 2018/19 Accounts
o 2019/20 Budget
o Auditors Report

• Election of Officers
• General Business

3:30pm: Junior Prize Giving
4:00pm: Snacks
4:30pm: Senior Prize Giving
6:15pm: Close

Kind Regards,
WSFC Committe

Club News September 2019 Sponsors

FC Boats Raglan Roadshow

Club News Club Nights July 2019

July Club Night with Mark Kitteridge

Club News July 2019 Sponsors Tournaments

July 2019 sponsor profile – Shelly Beach TOP 10 Holiday Park

Shelly Beach TOP 10 Holiday Park has been a key sponsor of the Shelly Beach Family Fishing Tournament for 10 years!

Aaron and his family purchased the holiday park with 5 full time team members just over 18 months ago, previously Hamilton Based. They are currently working super hard on developing, improving and growing the park.

They pride there holiday park on being a family-friendly beachside holiday park 5 minutes north of Coromandel town. Perfect for holidays or weekend trips with the boat. Our TOP 10 catchphrase is “Making Memories” – which we believe holidays in park is something we do on a daily basis.

They have a range from tent or campervan sites, basic lodge room, motel units and our new glamping pods for all levels of pricing and options. In the park, we have boat parking, boat wash facilities, fish filleting station and a fish smoker. We welcome all Waikato Sport Fishing Club members – and enjoy having you annually for your Shelly Beach Fishing Tournament. 

A key achievement Aaron is proud of was saving the park from property developers when put up for auction in 2017. We have had steady growth and great feedback on the changes we have implemented by regular guests and new guests who have stayed with us since taking over the park.

Here’s some exciting news, which sounds awesome! Aaron recently introduced four beachside “glamping” pods that overlook the bay which are designed to be an affordable option for people that don’t want to tent when on holiday but not spend a couple of hundreds of dollars a night to look at the ocean. We imported them in flatpack format all the way from Lithuania. They were assembled in Hamilton then transport to Coromandel. 

Thanks Aaron and the team from Shelly Beach TOP 10 Holiday Park for their continued support of the Waikato Sport Fishing Club.

Club News July 2019 September 2019

Club Memberships are now due for 2019-2020 season

It is time to renew your membership for the 2019/2020 year. Our fees are the same as last year.

Download a membership from by clicking here.

You can renew your membership by:

  • Email your membership form back to and make your payment by internet banking (put your last name and membership as the reference) to Bank Account: WSFC 03 – 0314 – 0250512 – 000
  • or post the form and your cheque to PO Box 9036, Hamilton 3240
  • or see us at our AGM on Sunday 8th September 2019 at our Club Rooms
Fees for 2019/2020
Adult   $40
Student and transitional adult Any one 16 to 21 years old $20
Junior 16 years and under as at 1 July 2019 $10
Family Fee 2 adults and up to 4 children 16 years and under as at 1 July 2019 $90

Your membership covers the period from when you pay to the fishing year of 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020. Any fish caught during your membership period will be included in the club points for the fishing year.  Your membership also allows you to enter affiliated clubs fishing tournaments.

Mark on your fishing calendar our upcoming club events for this year:

  • Shelley Beach Family Fishing Weekend on the 2 November 2019
  • Raglan One Base on the 5- 7 March 2020
  • Big Four on the24-26 April 2020

Come along to our Club Nights, held on the 3rd Tuesday of selected months to hear a range of interesting speakers from the NZ fishing community and industry.  We will advertise the dates and speaker on our web page and facebook page.

Support the club by getting your friends and family to join our club.

Download a membership from by clicking here.

July 2019 Monthly Catch Report

No catches data for June

Apologies, but there is no catch update for June. Our Records Officer is on a much needed break over seas.