Weigh Station Raglan 2015

Catch Cards

Club catch cards are available for download. Please ensure you complete all areas before you send to Records Officer. If details are not completed your catch may not be recorded.

Fish Tags

NZSFC Fish Tags are available from the club. They are available from Club Nights, Club Treasurer or Fish City, 265 Kahikatea Drive, Hamilton Club Catch Records Our club record officer maintains a database of all our club records. This is available to be seen here. Please be patient as it may take a few minutes to load. Monthly Catch Report Our club record officer releases a monthly catch report from the received catch cards. This is available to be seen here. Club Trophies and their Recipients A detailed list of all club trophies and their past recipients. This is available to be seen here.

NZ First & Heaviest Catches

NZSFC provide a list of First of season and Heaviest of season catches. This information is updated by NZSFC on a regular basis.