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Astrolabe Reef/Otaiti Access Plan – Info Advisory

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Astrolabe Reef / Otaiti Access Plan – Information Advisory
Dated: 2nd April 2016

Hi All,

On Monday, New Zealand Diving & Salvage will complete salvage and recovery works at Astrolabe Reef / Otaiti, four and a half years since operations began following the grounding of the MV Rena.

During this period more than half a billion New Zealand dollars of costs have been paid by the owners of MV Rena, Daina Shipping Co, and their insurers, The Swedish Club, covering the response effort and the salvage, recovery and clean-up operations.
With the completion of operations, Konstantinos Zacharatos on behalf of the owners and Captain John Owen on behalf of their insurers wish to once again acknowledge and thank all those who have assisted in the response to the Rena grounding.

Ahead of public access being restored and through the Astrolabe Community Trust an access plan has been put in place, which has been developed with input from various groups with local experience and knowledge of boating, diving and general navigational safety relevant to visiting the Reef.

Included in this plan is today’s launch of  to provide a range of information specific to:

The volunteer Maketu Coastguard team has also been funded to be an onsite advisor at the Reef for the initial period of its re-opening. Their vessel will be clearly marked ‘Reef Watch’. Their team is familiar with the site and will provide visitors with information and assistance as required.

Onsite, marker buoys indicate the position and depths of the Rena’s stern and remaining sections of bow structure on the Reef, which include two recommended dive sites.

Divers should also understand that Astrolabe Reef / Otaiti has always been regarded as an advanced dive site, and are advised to use only the two specified dive sites marked by the orange buoys.

The Rena Project team wishes all visitors safe and enjoyable access back to the Reef.

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