2018 Fish City Big Four Results

2018 Fish City Big Four Results
The start of the Big 4 this year was full of promise with great weather for the couple of days.
79 Anglers entered made up of;
10 Small fry , 5 Juniors , 11 Women and 53 Men catching a total of 148 fish.  
74 Snapper,  heaviest weighting 10.320 kg caught by Aaron Chase

19 Kingfish,   heaviest weighting 23.660 kg caught by Ian Steed 
19 Trevally,    heaviest weighting 4.890 kg  caught by Ben Brown
36 Kahawai,  heaviest weighting  2.690 kg caught by Geoff Preston
11 Big Four Bags being achieved by,
Small Fry –  Beau Mitchell
Junior – Slade Kerr
Women – Loren Clothier
Men –  Mark Ashcroff,
           Aaron Bennett
           Ben Brown
           Adam Hallet
           David Hunt
          Todd Kerr
           Lachie Mclaren
           Ben Rose
          Geoff Spencer
          Carl Webber
All receiving Big 4 Achievement Certificates
Top 3 Big Four Bag Total weights
3rd Place 28.83 kg  Ben Rose
2nd Place 30.12 kg  Aaron Bennett
1st  Place 31.39 kg Ben Brown
The Big Four Super Bag of the FC Boat Package valued over $25,000  was Not Won.
A big Thanks to the Glenview Club for hosting the 2018 Fish City Big Four Tournament.
A Huge Thanks to All our Sponsors,
Fish City and FC Boats,  Waikato Sport Fishing Club,  Thomson’s ITM
Supreme Sheetmetals,   Barnard Construction,  Mellow Business Group
Golden Homes,  CH Plumbing,  Roger That Builder, Downey Construction