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Tournament information and results.

July 2019 sponsor profile – Shelly Beach TOP 10 Holiday Park

Shelly Beach TOP 10 Holiday Park has been a key sponsor of the Shelly Beach Family Fishing Tournament for 10 years!

Aaron and his family purchased the holiday park with 5 full time team members just over 18 months ago, previously Hamilton Based. They are currently working super hard on developing, improving and growing the park.

They pride there holiday park on being a family-friendly beachside holiday park 5 minutes north of Coromandel town. Perfect for holidays or weekend trips with the boat. Our TOP 10 catchphrase is “Making Memories” – which we believe holidays in park is something we do on a daily basis.

They have a range from tent or campervan sites, basic lodge room, motel units and our new glamping pods for all levels of pricing and options. In the park, we have boat parking, boat wash facilities, fish filleting station and a fish smoker. We welcome all Waikato Sport Fishing Club members – and enjoy having you annually for your Shelly Beach Fishing Tournament. 

A key achievement Aaron is proud of was saving the park from property developers when put up for auction in 2017. We have had steady growth and great feedback on the changes we have implemented by regular guests and new guests who have stayed with us since taking over the park.

Here’s some exciting news, which sounds awesome! Aaron recently introduced four beachside “glamping” pods that overlook the bay which are designed to be an affordable option for people that don’t want to tent when on holiday but not spend a couple of hundreds of dollars a night to look at the ocean. We imported them in flatpack format all the way from Lithuania. They were assembled in Hamilton then transport to Coromandel. 

Thanks Aaron and the team from Shelly Beach TOP 10 Holiday Park for their continued support of the Waikato Sport Fishing Club.

SIMRAD Raglan One Base 2019 – Results

CategoryOverall PrizesPrize SponsorWinnerWeight & Line Weight
Spot Prizes9 x spot prizesMontage Kitchens & JoineryDrawn 
Trevally – 3rd overallSalt-Away Product Salt-AwaySonia Page0.9kg on 8kg line
Trevally – 2nd overall3 month Gym membership & personal training programmeFirst Place FitnessWarren Banks0.97kg on 15kg line
Trevally – 1st overallBahco 92pc socket setBarnard ConstructionNorm Tu1.71kg on 10kg line
Kahawai – 3rd overall$100 Waikato Stainless VoucherWaikato StainlessSonia Page2.91kg on 8kg line
Kahawai – 2nd overall$299 Waikato Stainless VoucherWaikato StainlessCameron Frew2.97kg on 8kg line
Kahawai – 1st overall$300 Waikato Stainless VoucherWaikato StainlessDon Rangiawha3.01kg on 10kg line
Snapper – 3rd overallMastertrade chilly bin 9.5L & Shimano Filleting KnifeBarnard ConstructionTodd Julian4.26kg on 15kg line
Snapper – 2nd overallEdge Fishing Crimping pliers and rigging kit and  Auto Trim Bag Auto Marine Trimming WorldRose Waitere4.72kg on 8kg line
Snapper – 1st overallShimano TeKota Reel & Vortex Rod, $50 Fish City VoucherFish CityDavid Darby5.17kg on 15kg line
Skip Jack Tuna – 3rd OverallFrantic Lure  and Bacho 10 pc driver setFrantic LuresJoel Fleming4.41kg on 15kg line
Skip Jack Tuna – 2nd Overall3 month Gym membership & personal training programme First Place FitnessKelly Fleming5.25kg on 15kg line
Skip Jack Tuna – 1st OverallRod Rack Downey ConstructionJoel Fleming5.3kg on 15kg line
Albacore – 3rd overallMastertrade 760mm Alu Tool box Barnard ConstructionMatt Olsen5.65kg on 37kg line
Albacore – 2nd  overallGym membership Snap Fitness Snap Fitness FranktonTodd Kerr5.69kg on 15kg line
Albacore – 1st overallMastertrade chilly bin 42.6L Supreme SheetmetalsSlade Kerr6.02kg on 15kg line
Kingfish – 3rd overallBoone Bag Buccanner BoatsAlison Ingley8.95kg on 15kg line
Kingfish – 2nd overall3 month Gym membership & personal training programme, Sports BagFirst Place FitnessScott Hamilton938kg on 37kg line
Kingfish – 1st overallLive Bait Tank Hi Tech PlasticsMatt Olsen10.59kg on 37kg line
Mahimahi – 3rd overallFrantic Lure Frantic LuresDrawn 
Mahimahi – 2nd overall3 month Gym membership & personal training programmeFirst Place FitnessDrawn 
Mahimahi – 1st overallBahco 92pc socket setBarnard ConstructionDrawn 
Tuna (Bluefin, Big eye, Yellow Fin)Vac & Seal Blue Wallace Surveyors LtdDrawn 
Marlin -3rd overallEdge Fishing Crimping pliers and rigging kit, Auto Trim Bag, $50 voucher Fish CityAuto Marine Trimming WorldDrawn 
Marlin -2nd overallPowerbuild 9D tool box, Frantic LurePower Tools & Abrasives LtdDrawn 
Marlin -1st overallShimano TLD52 Speed Reel & Penn Pro Rod, $50 Fish City VoucherProtech StainlessDrawn 
GurnardShimano TeKota Reel & Vortex Rod, $50 Fish City VouchersFish CityBrian Milne1.0kg on 15kg line
Shark Tag & Release Nilfish 1522 psi compact water blaster Voyager TrailersLucky Draw 
Most points Tag & ReleaseDometic 111litre Ice Bin Fullon FishingMark Olsen 
Skipper Draws – petrol vouchers 2 x $50 petrol vouchersAdept Interiors LtdDrawn 
Junior Most Points -3rd Ski tube and rope Downey ConstructionDrawn 
Junior Most Points -2ndCatch tackle backpac Carpet MillDrawn 
Junior Most Points -1stGo Pro White Built to Fish & Montage Kitchens & JoinerySlade Kerr506.5 points
Womens Most Points -3rdLife Jacket, $50 voucher Georges Beach ClubProtech StainlessDrawn 
Womens Most Points -2ndGym membership Snap Fitness, $100 voucher Georges Beach ClubSnap Fitness FranktonDrawn 
Womens Most Points -1stGo Pro White Built to Fish & Carpet MillSonia Page200 points
Mens Most Points – 3rdLife Jacket, Beta Bug PackMontage Kitchens & JoineryMatt Olsen100 points
Mens Most Points – 2ndToptul 3.8D Socket Set Power Tools & Abrasives LtdTodd Kerr134.25 points
Mens Most Points – 1stGo Pro WhiteBuilt to Fish & Buccaneer BoatsMark Olsen200.00 points
Top Team$1000 CashWaikato Sport Fishing ClubHigh N Dry640.75 points
Lucky Team Draw -3rdSimard Go5 unit Simard &Waikato Sport Fishing ClubI’MonaSkipper –  Craig Hawira
Lucky Team Draw -2ndSimard Go7 XRS Simard &Waikato Sport Fishing ClubWillie AwaySkipper – Will Fransen
Lucky Team Draw – 1stNSS9 Evo3 SimardTe Akau ExpressSkipper – Rob Page

Calling radio operator volunters

We are looking for anyone interested in operating our Tournament Radio Base for the Simrad Raglan One Base on Thursday, Friday or Saturday (28th Feb, 1st & 2nd March).

No radio experience required, will be given training.

The person will be required to communicate via VHF radio and record all fish caught that are radioed in.

If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Tony Thornton or Tony Greene

The Barbara Dawn Gurnard Challenge

This is a gurnard challenge for the 2018/2019 fishing year commencing on 22 September 2018 through to 30 June 2019.

The challenge is to encourage all Waikato Sport Fishing Club members to have safe family fun fishing out on the water.

It is open to all 2018/19 members of the Waikato Sport Fishing Club (WSFC).

The catch has to be recorded on a catch card and certified by a weigh master and caught under WSFC fishing rules.

The catch card has to be provided to the WSFC catch officer by the 5 July 2019.

The gurnard catch will be reported each month in the WSFC newsletter.

Barbara Dawn Challenge prizes will be awarded at the AGM.

The prizes are:

a)      $250 cash for heaviest gurnard plus the Gurnard Trophy

b)      A drawn prize from all the gurnards weighed for a $250 cash prize. For the drawn prize the angler must be present at the AGM.  If not present, there will be a redraw.

The prize money has donated by the crew of the Barbara Dawn ($400) and the WSFC ($100).

The 2019 NZ Sport Fishing Council Nationals

The 2019 NZ Sport Fishing Council Nationals will start on 16 February 2019 and end on 23 February 2019.

Click here for an entry form and Nationals Disclaimer – Please complete both forms

Click here for a copy of the rules 

For past years results go to Our Records 


The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council Nationals shall form the arena in which anglers from throughout New Zealand compete, club against club, team against team and angler against angler for the honour of winning various trophies and titles that have been offered for this tournament.

The ‘Council’ will determine the rules and conditions that will apply to this tournament.

The ‘Council’ will determine the dates and hours of fishing the tournament.

Thomsons ITM Raglan One Base 2018 – Results

Day Angler Weight Line Weight Category
Thursday Scott Hamilton 0.970 15 Trevally
Thursday Cade Hassard 2.280 6 Kahawai
Thursday Renee Doig 9.450 15 Snapper
Thursday Mike Austin 4.200 ? Skip Jack Tuna
Thursday Kelvin Scown 3.200 24 Albacore
Thursday Katelyn Olsen 4.620 37 Kingfish
Thursday Tony Brinkworth 1.370 15 Mahimahi
Thursday Drawn Tuna (Bluefin, Big eye, Yellow Fin)
Thursday Craig Petrie 114.200 24 Marlin
Thursday Matt Olsen Most Tag & Release Points
Friday Drawn Trevally
Friday Drawn Kahawai
Friday Drawn Snapper
Friday Drawn Skip Jack Tuna
Friday Drawn Albacore
Friday Drawn Kingfish
Friday Drawn Mahimahi
Friday Drawn Tuna (Bluefin, Big eye, Yellow Fin)
Friday Drawn Marlin
Friday Drawn Most Tag & Release Points
Saturday Jamie Frew 1.190 15 Trevally
Saturday Katelyn Olsen 2.580 37 Kahawai
Saturday Tony Smith 7.300 24 Snapper
Saturday  Sonia Page 4.17 15 Skip Jack Tuna
Saturday Mark Bennett 3.040 15 Albacore
Saturday Tony Brinkworth 9.820 37 Kingfish
Saturday Tony Brinkworth 1.320 15 Mahimahi
Saturday Drawn Tuna (Bluefin, Big eye, Yellow Fin)
Saturday Drawn Marlin
Saturday Will Fransen 600 Points Tied, Down to time Most Tag & Release Points
Overall Ken Barry 0.890 37 Ist Gurnard
Overall Garry Hancock 0.820 10 3rd Trevally
Overall Scott Hamilton 0.970 15 2nd Trevally
Overall Jamie Frew 1.190 15 1st Trevally
Overall Roger Bright 2.260 15 3rd Kahawai
Overall Cade Hassard 2.280 6 2nd Kahawai
Overall Katelyn Olsen 2.580 37 1st Kahawai
Overall Tony Smith 7.300 15 3rd Snapper
Overall Daniel Smith 8.000 10 2nd Snapper
Overall Renee Doig 9.450 15 1st Snapper
Overall Slade Kerr 4.12 24 3rd Skip Jack Tuna
Overall Sonia Page 4.170 15 2nd Skip Jack Tuna
Overall Mike Austin 4.200 37 1st Skip Jack Tuna
Overall Mark Bennett 3.040 15 3rd Albacore
Overall Kelvin Scown 3.200 24 2nd Albacore
Overall Matt Adams 5.650 15 1st Albacore
Overall Scott Pritchard 7.140 24 3rd Kingfish
Overall Mark Bennett 7.760 37 2nd Kingfish
Overall Tony Brinkworth 9.820 37 1st Kingfish
Overall Richard Griffin 0.930 15 3rd Mahimahi
Overall Tony Brinkworth 1.320 15 2nd Mahimahi
Overall Tony Brinkworth 1.370 15 1st Mahimahi
Overall Drawn Drawn Drawn 1st Tuna
Overall Drawn Drawn Drawn 3rd Marlin
Overall Drawn Drawn Drawn 2nd Marlin
Overall Craig Petrie 114.200 24 1st Marlin
Overall Drawn Drawn Drawn 3rd Overall Points Junior
Overall Mitchell White 100.000 100.000 2nd Overall Points Junior
Overall Cade Hassard 600.000 600.000 1st Overall Ponts Junior
Overall Drawn Drawn Drawn 3rd Overall Points Ladies
Overall Drawn Drawn Drawn 2nd Overall Points Ladies
Overall Katelyn Olsen 100.00 100.00 1st Overall Points Ladies
Overall Matt Olsen 237.50 237.50 3rd Overall Points Mens
Overall Craig Petrie 475.83 475.83 2nd Overall Points Mens
Overall Will Fransen 600.00 600.00 1st Overall Points Mens
Overall Will Fransen 600.00 Tied, Down to time Overall Points Tagged & Relased
Overall Drawn from all T/R sharks – Katelyn Olsen Tag & Release Shark
Overall Mutley 1075.83 1075.83 Top Team
Overall Wait For Me Luck Team Prize Draw

Thomson’s ITM Raglan One Base Briefing

As required by our Tournament Safety plan Attendance at the Thomson’s ITM One Base Tournament Briefing on Wednesday 14th March 7pm at Raglan Club Inc is COMPULSORY and NO TEAM can compete in the tournament until the skipper or a team member has attended the briefing. Phone Roger Bright  (027 490 2771) or Russell Court (027 395 5833) for an exemption if required.


Fish City Snapper & Kingi Classic 2017 Results

Heaviest Snapper Overall 1st Geoff Preston      11.488
Small Fry Snapper 1st Jesse Dingle         4.770
2nd Beau Mitchell         1.966
3rd Sean Brinkworth         1.710
4th Ivy Brinkworth         1.500
Junior Snapper 1st Isabelle Mellow         2.390
No other juniors weighted fish
Womens Snapper 1st Heidi Preston      10.424
2nd tracey withers         8.014
3rd Renee Doig         4.810
Mens Snapper 1st Geoff Preston      11.488
2nd Rob dougherty      10.016
3rd Mark Ashcroft         9.280
Kingi Open 1st Loren Clothier      11.684
2nd Craig MacDonald      10.330
3rd Katelyn Olsen         8.080