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Current Lines – March 2018


Hello Everyone; who would have thought England all out for 56 I the first session on day 1 in the first test, no wonder I’m not listening to music, go the black caps.

The 2018 ITM and Simrad Nationals are over for another year. A big thank you goes to Simrad and ITM for their great support over the week. I’m sure all those who won a Simrad Go 7 will enjoy them and give them lots of use trying to find those elusive fish!! Please remember these dates in 2019, 16th to the 23rd February. Well done to the winners of the daily Go7 with total scan packages.

Day 1 – Joseph Gregory from Counties Sport Fishing Club,
Day 2 – Attila Peller from Manukau Sport Fishing Club,
Day 3 – Alec Stevenson from Tairua-Pauanui Sports Fishing Club,
Day 4 – Warwick Searle from Ahipara Gamefish Club,
Day 5 – David Beuth from Waihau Bay Sports Fishing Club,
Day 6 – Shannon Warnest from Waihau Bay Sports Fishing Club,
Day 7 – Digby Tootle from Gisborne Tatapouri Sports Fishing Club,
Day 8 – Mark Graves from Mt Maunganui Sportfishing Club.

Sections 1 – 5 – click here
Sections 6 – 10 – click here
Sections 11 – 15 – click here

You can also view the final results on the webpage –
just go to

From Australia, their Nationals equivalent; Exmouth, Aus – (GAMEX) 56 Teams have released 196 Billfish over 4-Days (148 Black Marlin, 9 Blue Marlin, 38 Sailfish, 1 Striped Marlin).

In what can only be describes as a Kiwi first land-based marlin capture; Just caught off Baileys Beach, Dargaville. A fine striped marlin caught on a Torpedo longline, it weighed 142kg.

From the Zane Grey International Billfish Tournament; BOI- 2 potential records weighed in; – Congratulations to Steve Pollock onboard Anchorage who weighed in a 252kg Blue Marlin on 15kg line. A long standing national record has been broken (formerly held by T Woolston at 234.00) and Dick onboard Imperito who weighed in a 80.25kg Yellowfin Tuna on 37kg line.
Chile Bans Bottom Trawling from 98% of its EEZ to help its fishery. Chile bans bottom sea trawling in 98% of its exclusive economic zone – The Santiago Times Chile bans bottom sea trawling in 98% of its exclusive economic zone December 18, 2017.

From Houhora Final Prizegiving and congratulations to the winners. Check out our results on Facebook. See you all back next year as we celebrate 25 years (quarter of a century) of the Houhora One Base. A big thanks to everyone that supported the tournament and especially our amazing volunteers. Congratulations to Nick Inder on ‘Rampage’ with team mates Josh Inder and Johno Brien, finally breaking the striped marlin drought. Nick’s fish went 105.50 kg and is potentially a $10,000 fish. It ended up winning the 10K and also they bought their own boat in the Calcutta.

Wrap Up for the Metalcraft Marsden Cove Marlin Classic. Done and dusted. 6 Stipeys weighed, 4 tagged and released. Heaviest Marlin went to Shaun Graham at 130.8kg. Top tag and release went to Dion Webb with 2. A fantastic event, thanks to all who were involve. Over $70,000 in prizes and some very happy anglers

Current Lines

Mutilation of Fish Ruling

There has been a bit of discussion lately on what constitutes mutilation of fish with respect to Bleeding, Gutting and Gilling for retaining the fish quality, and how it will effect a record application.
The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council would like to clarify this and states the following:-

The actual rule reads “The following situations will disqualify a catch;…………

………2. Mutilation to the fish, prior to landing or boating the catch, caused by sharks, other fish, mammals, or propellers that remove or penetrate the flesh. (Injuries caused by leader or line, scratches, old healed scars or regeneration deformities are not considered to be disqualifying injuries.) Any mutilation on the fish must be shown in a photograph and fully explained in a separate report accompanying the record application.”

Therefore, the IGFA and the NZSFC do not consider gutting or bleeding a fish (there are many techniques) an act of mutilation that would disqualify the fish from a record eligibility, as none of these procedures could conceivably be done “prior to landing or boating the catch”.  Removing the blood and/or organs from a fish would only decrease the overall weight and therefore would not give an advantage at the time of weighing.
With regard to mutilation; IGFA and NZSFC are only concerned with what happens during the fight.  For example, should the fish be attacked by a shark, or struck with a propeller during the fight, it’s fighting ability has been compromised and therefore the IGFA and NZSFC would not consider it for a world record.
To clarify, line chaffing, gaff damage and old wounds or scars are not considered as mutilation, and once the fish has been landed it is perfectly acceptable to bleed or gut the fish – just make sure your catch is big enough to withstand the weightloss and still be a record.

NZSFC 60th History Report

Game Fishing in New Zealand from the start in about 1900 until 2017



By John Chibnall

This brief story is about game fishing in the early days from about 1900, until 1957 when the New Zealand Big Game Fishing Council Incorporated was formed, until 2017 – sixty years this year. The Council’s fifty year book already tells much of the Council’s formation years from 1957 and then up to 2007. This article is to record the work not mentioned in that book but nevertheless should be part of Council’s history.   Continue reading

IGFA Rule Changes

Assisting the Angler
Current IGFA International Angling Rules state that “the act of a person other than the angler touching the rod, reel, or line either bodily or with a device once the fish strikes or takes the bait” constitutes a disqualification.
However, nowhere in the IGFA’s rules do we discuss the legality of another person touching or making contact with the angler. The IGFA is frequently questioned on the legality of touching the angler while they are fighting a fish.
In order to clarify this important subject, the IGFA will be adding the following language to the section 3 of Disqualifying Acts: “Holding or touching an angler in a manner that assists them in fighting the fish or takes pressure off the angler. Touching or briefly holding the angler to prevent them from falling does not constitute a disqualification”.
This change is effective April 1, 2017.

Continue reading

NZSFC Current Lines Issue 2 – January 2017

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Not music on the radio, but music to my ears, the mighty Black Caps wining the first test against Bangladesh after chasing a first innings of 595 runs, some 1400 runs for the test, and winning by 8 wickets.  Just goes to show big points can be beaten by bigger points, even in our NZSFC SIMRAD ITM Nationals next month.

The Arthurs Emporium Tutukaka Junior Tournament on January 7th & 8th with some 63 keen Junior Anglers taking to sea in great anticipation. Our ever-generous Sponsors, Arthurs Emporium, yet again providing great incentive with three Motorbikes up for grabs! A great effort by Small Fry angler Charlie Harris fishing on Grandad’s boat “Just Magic”, and an example of true honesty and integrity, saw the team disqualify their own 25.8kg Yellowfin Tuna landed on “Skippy” gear as the rod was inadvertently handled by an adult before Charlie took over the fight.  The hard luck story of the tournament but an act in the true spirit of Sportfishing – Well done Charlie! The Snapper section was well and truly sewn up by Toby Clayton fishing with his Dad on “Bin Full – Few Good Ones” with two Snapper weighing in at 2.38kg and 2.58kg.  The Angler most points Game shark section saw top honours go to three anglers fishing on “Bwana II” who each tagged 5 Game sharks – Lauren Ashby with 5 tagged Makos, Blake Hay with 4 tagged Makos and a tagged Blue Shark, and Fraser Donaldson with 5 tagged Makos.

So, it was on to the Big Ones – the Motorbikes! The Quad bike for the “Small Fry Angler Most Points Overall Marlin, Shark and Yellowtail” went to Fraser Donaldson on “Bwana II” with 135 points for his 5 tagged Makos and 1 tagged Yellowtail. The Motorbike for the “Junior Angler Most Points Shark Section” went to Lauren Ashby fishing on “Bwana II” with 125 points for her 5 tagged Makos. The third Motorbike for the “Junior Angler Most Points Marlin Section” could not be awarded, so another popular decision by our Sponsors sees the remaining Motorbike held over to be awarded to the first Whangarei Deep Sea Anglers Club Junior or Small Fry Angler to get TWO Marlin (tagged or landed) for the 2016/2017 Season.  If this is not achieved by the end of the 2016/2017 season, the motorbike will be awarded to the first Junior or Small Fry angler to have tagged or landed a Marlin after this Junior Tournament.

Whitianga – A few good tuna catches in the weeks leading up to the tournament.   A fairly good weather forecast and plenty of prize incentives attracted 222 anglers fishing the competition aboard 72 boats, a huge increase on recent years.  Although the winning fish was caught on Sunday, most of the action took place on Saturday with an unexpected strong breeze keeping many boats off the water on the second day of the tournament.  Though it was a very successful tournament with 47 tuna weighed, it will be well remembered for the three Blue Marlin caught weighing 304.2kg, 281.2kg and 266.5kg, possibly the first time three such large fish have been landed in one day at the club.  Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club would like to thank Pacific Coast Marine and Diesel for sponsoring and doing such a great job organising the event.
Results:1st Nick Stack on “Skyline” with a Big Eye weighing 58.5kg; 2nd Tony Jefferies “ Slange-Var” Yellowfin 25.48kg; 3rd  Tony Jefferies “ Slange-Var” Yellowfin 23.78kg; 4th Brett Cameron “Ultimate Game” Yellowfin 20.10kg; 5th  Ian Ward “Peppa”  Yellowfin 12.78kg.

A few details for attention sake first and a MASSIVE CONGRATULATION to all involved in this capture! Species: Blue Marlin; Weight: 279.7 kg; Line Weight: 24 kg; Angler: Carson Hallett; Skipper: Bill Wilson; Decky: Arlene Frost.  Hey guys Bill here, I’m new to the Manukau Sport Fishing Club.  On the 06/01/17 we were lucky enough to snag ourselves a nice little 280 kg Blue out of our 5.8 mtr rubber ducky called “SHITTERS”.  We were in the northern end of the Garden Patch in 20.9-degree water.  First full day for the season and the fish bit at 10.20 am. on a Pakula lumo sprocket.  Fight time was 2 hrs 20 mins.  With first time angler Carson Hallett on the rod. With help from Brett Griffiths (club boat “JIGGAS”) on the phone we managed to land it.  Without a gaff it made it fun, but we got there in the end.  Back at Rangiputa we weighed in at Reel Rods, but with the head still on the ground and the 250 kg limit scales maxed out and the lifting hook straightening we put the fish back in the boat and shot to Whangaroa.  We tipped the scales at 279.7 kg.  A day we won’t forget in a long time, cheers Bill.  On behalf of all of us at the MSFC, welcome to the club, and again congratulations to all.

Round the traps; Mercury Bay – a 304.8kg Blue Marlin on 37 caught in their Tuna comp, by lady angler Karen Brierley on “Aceiano”, a 266.5kg Blue Marlin caught by Mark Franklin (ex-Counties delegate) on “Wazz up” and father and son team Steve & Sergi fishing on the “Su Reel” with a 281.2kg Blue Marlin.  Whangaroa – 256.5kg Blue Marlin caught by Brett Christian on “BlackWatch”.  Houhora – first Yellowfin for the club up here, caught by Kim Bellingham 39.8kg and Jeremy Clark 42.6kg.  Bay of Islands – during their junior interclub event 6-year-old junior Charlie Rowe fishing on “Blue Rules” caught a pending NZ record SB Spearfish, weighing 19.4kg.  Tauranga –  with their second Big Eye Tuna in 48 hours, Roanne Lumsden fishing on “Night Shift” caught her Big Eye weighing 78.8kg.


Current Lines

NZSFC Firsts & Heaviest – January 2017

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NZ Sport Fishing Council First and Heaviest Records

The NZ Sport Fishing Council First and Heaviest Records have been updated to the 18th January, 2017. There has been a lot of gaps filled over the Xmas break, but there are still species up for grabs, including Black Marlin – Heaviest.  For the latest First and Heaviest Records click here.


Dave Lockwood
Executive Officer
New Zealand Sport Fishing Council

NZSFC Current Lines Issue 1 – January 2017

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Welcome to Current Lines 2017 Issue 1.  What a difference having time off work when the weather was reasonable and some good fish were found to be “on the bite!”  As for me I learned a bit about my cell phone and Spotify, and found some old music from when I was a pre – marlin fishing fisher.  So the song for this issue is by Mungo Jerry “In the Summertime” when the weather is fine you can head right out and touch the sky, you’ve got wishin your fishin on your mind!
Some of the early season catches – The wonders of modern technology, twitter, Facebook, the internet and all are valuable resources for the modern traveling angler;
22/12 – Bay of Islands a Striped Marlin landed on the vessel “Notorious” weighing 98.5kg would have been the season’s first landed, but was caught by a non-member.
23/12 – Can’t confirm as I cannot find a weight for a Short-billed Spearfish caught on the “Foxy Lady”, not too sure where either.
26/12 – Tutukaka no other details apart from Striped Marlin tagged and released by vessel “Game Time.”  Mercury Bay report three Yellowfin Tuna for the vessel “SU REEL” to anglers Fred and Sergei, and a Big Eye Tuna from the vessel “LEEDA”, for angler Thomas Boyd weighing 46.16kg.
27/12 – Mercury Bay angler Matt Olthof fishing on “Battle and Rum” landed the Clubs first Blue Marlin weighing 213.1kg, but he was not a member at the time.  Also, several more Yellowfin as well.  From Tutukaka, another Blue Marlin was landed from the vessel “Blackjack” and this one weighed in at 218.0kg.  Whangaroa reports a Short-billed Spearfish caught by Fern Andrews weighing 21.3kg, and lastly from Mercury bay, the vessel “Aurora”, anglers Bill and Vicky Webb a treble of Yellowfin Tuna, 22/25/30kg.
28/12 – From the Bay of Islands, the vessel “Outrageous” landed a Blue Marlin weighing 171.0kg, also out by Cape Brett, Russell Jenkins speared a Yellowtail Kingfish and it weighed in at 47.8kg, and a Striped Marlin caught off the vessel “Rampage” on a small PENN Fathom 25 reel, not quite under gunned as they caught it.
29/12 –  From the Bay of Islands vessel “Back in Black” with angler Greg Haliday, arrived at the weighstation with a very nice Blue Marlin that weighed 347kg caught on 24 kilo line.  This fish is worth a staggering 1,445.83 points, if it was caught in the 2017 SIMRAD ITM Nationals.  Whangaroa not to be left out, vessel “Satisfaction” with angler Graeme weighed in his Blue Marlin on 37 kilo line after a marathon 10-hour fight, this Blue weighed in at 332.3kg, another great fish.
30/12 –  Mercury Bay another Big Eye Tuna, this time for junior angler Angus Bryant (15) off the vessel “White Pointer” and it weighed 84.7kg.
31/12 –  1st west coast Marlin and NZSFC Striped Marlin landed for Manukau Sport Fishing club, off the vessel “JIGGAS” by angler Jason Poninghouse weighing 136.2kg.  Frist Striped Marlin for the Counties club was courtesy weighed at Tutukaka by the vessel “WET DREAM” for angler Kane Sanderson and it weighed 92.8kg.  Ahipara vessel “REEF RUNNER” with angler Matt Masters courtesy weighed his club heaviest Yellowtail Kingfish weighing 40.30kg at the Houhora weigh station.  Lastly on the last day of the year Muriwai angler Craig Willcox tagged and released Striped Marlin.  Caught on a Red Gill RG1 Evil. First club member of the season to catch a Marlin!! There will be many more from these boys.
01/01/2017 – A couple of Striped Marlin was bought to my attention, a 153kg from Whangaroa and a 141kg weighed at Tutukaka, Well done to top “Naki” boat Waikiore with a solid Stripey caught today, 141kg, angler Ken Murphy.  They are getting bigger, also a Blue Marlin was tagged out north of Tutukaka, estimated 220kg.
So, fish of the New Year  – I believe goes to a junior angler fishing out from Waihau Bay and is a pending NZ Junior Big Eye Tuna, weighing in at 129.1kg caught on 37kg line for Junior Ben Shaw off the vessel “MORPHEUS”, a top effort.
Current Lines

NZSFC Current Lines December 2016 – Issue 2

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CURRENT LINES – December 2016 Issue 2

Watching an episode of “Prime Rocks GENISIS”, a great watch, and then turn the radio on to hear this classic, “creeping up the blind side, shinning up the wall, stealing thru the dark of night, climbing thru a window, stepping to the floor, checking to the left and the right, picking up the pieces, putting them away, something doesn’t feel quite right.  Help me someone, let me out of here, then out of the dark was suddenly heard welcome to the Home by the Sea.”

Marlin lost at back of boat on Wednesday 7th at Muriwai.  It was suspected to be a Blue Marlin.  In the 2006/2007 season the first Marlin of the season weighed, was a Blue Marlin at Tutukaka in December as well.  On Friday 9th a Marlin was hooked and lost wide of Cape Brett

Whakatane 2016 Xmas Hams Tournament sponsored by Surtees Boats “Built to Fish” was a great success with some amazing fish caught and beautiful weather to boot.  Well done to all the anglers who entered, and enjoyed a weekend in the Bay.  Here are the results:

Snapper: Stu Ennis off Wotz Work = 11.06kg; James Ennis off Wotz Work = 9.92kg; Steve Meharry off That’z Us = 9.59kg; Tarakihi: Helena Preater off Spartacus = 2.07kg; Richard Byrne off Sea Striker = 1.78kg; Jemma Shaw off Sea K = 1.75kg; Kahawai: John Hay off E Fishcient = 3kg; Emily Crum off Sheer Bliss = 2.99kg; Alan Inman off Toppaz = 2.93kg; Liz Donoghue off Mussgo = 2.93kg; Red Gurnard: Willie Coates off Triple Header = 0.89kg; Bev Hay off E Fishcient = 0.87kg; Alan Pask off Red Baron = 0.78kg;  Trevally: Les Brinkley off Blu Beat IV = 1.67kg; Jean McNeill off Sorrento = 1.65kg; Neil Wilson off Frost Bite = 1.64kg.
Species/Weight: 50kg Yellowtail Kingfish; Angler: Francis Lim, Method: Live Kahawai, Location: Ranfurly Banks, NZ. Boat: Cova Rose: Captain Rhys reports that he suspects the fish is over 50kg as the scales are bouncing between 50 and 52kg.  However, sea conditions made it difficult to get an exact weight. Congrats to Francis what an Epic catch!

17/12 – A tuna from ‘Outsider’ heading for the weigh station. The first this season for our club.

17/12 –  Headed out to Mayor today for a stickbait session. On our way home spotted a work up, headed over to investigate, and on the way spotted a Striped Marlin cruising on the surface.  Had him following stickbaits a few times, but couldn’t get a bite, so jumped him with the spear gun, but couldn’t get a clear shot. In 80 metres of water in between Mayor and Tauranga.  Water temp was a scratch under 18.

Also, heard via the VHF that a Marlin was lost after three hours …hard luck guys.

As the year draws to an end, let us take the time to remembers those who have passed, those who have lost someone, those who are volunteers, those who sponsor and those who participate in our sport.  That new red lure from Santa may just be the one to win you that championship title in the 2017 SIMRAD ITM NZSFC Nationals, or that special look when one of the kids catch their first fish on their new rod.  To all who read Current lines have a safe and special end of year full of festivities, a great new year’s awakening, and in all cases when going fishing, let’s be careful out there.


Current Lines

The Future of our Fisheries Consultation Meetings

Public meetings and hui The Future of our Fisheries consultation begins 11 November and ends 23 December 2016. Public consultation meetings, hui and workshops on the proposals will be held in November and December 2016.

The meetings and hui are a chance to hear more about the proposals in the consultation documents and supporting technical documents. Importantly, they also provide an opportunity for you to put your views forward.

The feedback from the meetings and hui will be captured and analysed along with formal submissions. City Date and time Venue:

  • Nelson Monday 21 November 5pm – 7pm Rutherford Hotel
  • Auckland Tuesday 22 November 5pm – 7pm Bucklands Beach Yacht Club
  • Dunedin Wednesday 23 November 5pm – 7pm Dunedin Centre
  • Christchurch Thursday 24 November 5pm – 7pm Christchurch Airforce Museum
  • Tauranga Thursday 24 November 5pm – 7pm Tauranga Yacht and Powerboat Club
  • Wellington Tuesday 29 November 5pm – 7pm Te Wharewaka
  • Napier Wednesday 30 November 5pm – 7pm Napier Sailing Club
  • Auckland (Westhaven) Thursday 1 December 5pm – 7pm Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron
  • Chatham Islands Tuesday 6 December 5pm – 7pm The Den
  • Greymouth Wednesday 7 December 5pm – 7pm Kingsgate Hotel
  • New Plymouth Monday 12 December 5pm – 7pm Copthorne Hotel, Grand Central
  • Whangarei Wednesday 14 December 5pm – 7pm Forum North
  • Invercargill Thursday 15 December 5pm – 7pm Ascot Park Hotel

Making your submission You can make a submission on one or all 3 of the consultation documents by email, letter, or using our submission form. We must get your feedback by 5pm on 23 December 2016.

Using the submission form The questions in the submission form are designed to stimulate your thinking and help us report back clearly on people’s feedback. The form has been created as a dynamic PDF so that you can use the tick boxes to select your answers. You can send us a copy of the completed form by email.

Alternatively, you can hand write your answers on the form and then either scan and email your completed form or mail it to us.