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Product of the Month

This Month we look at the Folding Trailer Drawbar on offer from Voyager Trailers.

Does your boat fit in your Garage?
Garages in new homes are often shorter than in older homes, so we have available a foldaway drawbar to give you a wee bit more space to get your boat inside your garage.
Ask us or our dealers about these options when considering your new boat and trailer,
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Slide in Drawbars are also an option.
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Fishing Reports


Fishing has been steady out west this month, plenty of options for every style of fishing, The boats heading to the Mokau trench are doing well, lots of hapuka / bluenose landed and a 227kg broadbill caught in late march here. the kingfish fishing has slowed with the odd day being hard to get them on the bite but others having great success on certain days, Snapper are in abundance at the 35-40mtr mark but also some great session are being had at around 10-15mtr with bigger fish coming in here it can just be a bit harder to get onto them.

Coro / Firth of Thames

This time of year is best to chase the kingfish. berly up and they will soon be around the boat, I find they are easiest to get around the boat in the farms then unhook your hook and float out to clearer ground before deploying livebaits, this give you much less chance of a bust off, Snapper are loving soft plastics this month with the brown/yellow colours being the choice of the month.

Game Fishing Report

The fishing has finally heated up around and inside mayor island, some great marlin being caught, to date most have been east or north of the aldies or down towards waihau bay, its good to see they have turned up in this middle ground. Livebaits deployed on the edges of baitballs has been very effective in hooking these in close marlin. West coast has been steady, we are starting to see a drop in water Temp which has caused the bite to slow a bit but stil lsome good fish caught down towards Kawhia.




Current Lines – March 2018


Hello Everyone; who would have thought England all out for 56 I the first session on day 1 in the first test, no wonder I’m not listening to music, go the black caps.

The 2018 ITM and Simrad Nationals are over for another year. A big thank you goes to Simrad and ITM for their great support over the week. I’m sure all those who won a Simrad Go 7 will enjoy them and give them lots of use trying to find those elusive fish!! Please remember these dates in 2019, 16th to the 23rd February. Well done to the winners of the daily Go7 with total scan packages.

Day 1 – Joseph Gregory from Counties Sport Fishing Club,
Day 2 – Attila Peller from Manukau Sport Fishing Club,
Day 3 – Alec Stevenson from Tairua-Pauanui Sports Fishing Club,
Day 4 – Warwick Searle from Ahipara Gamefish Club,
Day 5 – David Beuth from Waihau Bay Sports Fishing Club,
Day 6 – Shannon Warnest from Waihau Bay Sports Fishing Club,
Day 7 – Digby Tootle from Gisborne Tatapouri Sports Fishing Club,
Day 8 – Mark Graves from Mt Maunganui Sportfishing Club.

Sections 1 – 5 – click here
Sections 6 – 10 – click here
Sections 11 – 15 – click here

You can also view the final results on the webpage –
just go to

From Australia, their Nationals equivalent; Exmouth, Aus – (GAMEX) 56 Teams have released 196 Billfish over 4-Days (148 Black Marlin, 9 Blue Marlin, 38 Sailfish, 1 Striped Marlin).

In what can only be describes as a Kiwi first land-based marlin capture; Just caught off Baileys Beach, Dargaville. A fine striped marlin caught on a Torpedo longline, it weighed 142kg.

From the Zane Grey International Billfish Tournament; BOI- 2 potential records weighed in; – Congratulations to Steve Pollock onboard Anchorage who weighed in a 252kg Blue Marlin on 15kg line. A long standing national record has been broken (formerly held by T Woolston at 234.00) and Dick onboard Imperito who weighed in a 80.25kg Yellowfin Tuna on 37kg line.
Chile Bans Bottom Trawling from 98% of its EEZ to help its fishery. Chile bans bottom sea trawling in 98% of its exclusive economic zone – The Santiago Times Chile bans bottom sea trawling in 98% of its exclusive economic zone December 18, 2017.

From Houhora Final Prizegiving and congratulations to the winners. Check out our results on Facebook. See you all back next year as we celebrate 25 years (quarter of a century) of the Houhora One Base. A big thanks to everyone that supported the tournament and especially our amazing volunteers. Congratulations to Nick Inder on ‘Rampage’ with team mates Josh Inder and Johno Brien, finally breaking the striped marlin drought. Nick’s fish went 105.50 kg and is potentially a $10,000 fish. It ended up winning the 10K and also they bought their own boat in the Calcutta.

Wrap Up for the Metalcraft Marsden Cove Marlin Classic. Done and dusted. 6 Stipeys weighed, 4 tagged and released. Heaviest Marlin went to Shaun Graham at 130.8kg. Top tag and release went to Dion Webb with 2. A fantastic event, thanks to all who were involve. Over $70,000 in prizes and some very happy anglers

Current Lines

Thomsons ITM Raglan One Base 2018 – Results

Day Angler Weight Line Weight Category
Thursday Scott Hamilton 0.970 15 Trevally
Thursday Cade Hassard 2.280 6 Kahawai
Thursday Renee Doig 9.450 15 Snapper
Thursday Mike Austin 4.200 ? Skip Jack Tuna
Thursday Kelvin Scown 3.200 24 Albacore
Thursday Katelyn Olsen 4.620 37 Kingfish
Thursday Tony Brinkworth 1.370 15 Mahimahi
Thursday Drawn Tuna (Bluefin, Big eye, Yellow Fin)
Thursday Craig Petrie 114.200 24 Marlin
Thursday Matt Olsen Most Tag & Release Points
Friday Drawn Trevally
Friday Drawn Kahawai
Friday Drawn Snapper
Friday Drawn Skip Jack Tuna
Friday Drawn Albacore
Friday Drawn Kingfish
Friday Drawn Mahimahi
Friday Drawn Tuna (Bluefin, Big eye, Yellow Fin)
Friday Drawn Marlin
Friday Drawn Most Tag & Release Points
Saturday Jamie Frew 1.190 15 Trevally
Saturday Katelyn Olsen 2.580 37 Kahawai
Saturday Tony Smith 7.300 24 Snapper
Saturday  Sonia Page 4.17 15 Skip Jack Tuna
Saturday Mark Bennett 3.040 15 Albacore
Saturday Tony Brinkworth 9.820 37 Kingfish
Saturday Tony Brinkworth 1.320 15 Mahimahi
Saturday Drawn Tuna (Bluefin, Big eye, Yellow Fin)
Saturday Drawn Marlin
Saturday Will Fransen 600 Points Tied, Down to time Most Tag & Release Points
Overall Ken Barry 0.890 37 Ist Gurnard
Overall Garry Hancock 0.820 10 3rd Trevally
Overall Scott Hamilton 0.970 15 2nd Trevally
Overall Jamie Frew 1.190 15 1st Trevally
Overall Roger Bright 2.260 15 3rd Kahawai
Overall Cade Hassard 2.280 6 2nd Kahawai
Overall Katelyn Olsen 2.580 37 1st Kahawai
Overall Tony Smith 7.300 15 3rd Snapper
Overall Daniel Smith 8.000 10 2nd Snapper
Overall Renee Doig 9.450 15 1st Snapper
Overall Slade Kerr 4.12 24 3rd Skip Jack Tuna
Overall Sonia Page 4.170 15 2nd Skip Jack Tuna
Overall Mike Austin 4.200 37 1st Skip Jack Tuna
Overall Mark Bennett 3.040 15 3rd Albacore
Overall Kelvin Scown 3.200 24 2nd Albacore
Overall Matt Adams 5.650 15 1st Albacore
Overall Scott Pritchard 7.140 24 3rd Kingfish
Overall Mark Bennett 7.760 37 2nd Kingfish
Overall Tony Brinkworth 9.820 37 1st Kingfish
Overall Richard Griffin 0.930 15 3rd Mahimahi
Overall Tony Brinkworth 1.320 15 2nd Mahimahi
Overall Tony Brinkworth 1.370 15 1st Mahimahi
Overall Drawn Drawn Drawn 1st Tuna
Overall Drawn Drawn Drawn 3rd Marlin
Overall Drawn Drawn Drawn 2nd Marlin
Overall Craig Petrie 114.200 24 1st Marlin
Overall Drawn Drawn Drawn 3rd Overall Points Junior
Overall Mitchell White 100.000 100.000 2nd Overall Points Junior
Overall Cade Hassard 600.000 600.000 1st Overall Ponts Junior
Overall Drawn Drawn Drawn 3rd Overall Points Ladies
Overall Drawn Drawn Drawn 2nd Overall Points Ladies
Overall Katelyn Olsen 100.00 100.00 1st Overall Points Ladies
Overall Matt Olsen 237.50 237.50 3rd Overall Points Mens
Overall Craig Petrie 475.83 475.83 2nd Overall Points Mens
Overall Will Fransen 600.00 600.00 1st Overall Points Mens
Overall Will Fransen 600.00 Tied, Down to time Overall Points Tagged & Relased
Overall Drawn from all T/R sharks – Katelyn Olsen Tag & Release Shark
Overall Mutley 1075.83 1075.83 Top Team
Overall Wait For Me Luck Team Prize Draw

Fishing Reports

Raglan: The weather has been great at late with a good amount of calm days able to head out over the bar for a days fishing, the warm weather has been heating the water up with reports of water temp up to 26 degrees! Togs and Towel are on the list of things to pack, With this warm temp the kingfish fishing has been dynamite off west, 21, 23 reefs having plenty of action along with Gannet island on jigs and livebaits, Jackson’s reef has been producing some awesome kingfish on topwater lures and livebaits with exciting take on the surface. Plenty of skippys from 55mtr out so good chance to fill the freezer with bait or an albacore for the table. If your rocking the 12ft kiwi Tinny the snapper fishing up the upper Raglan harbour is red hot this time of year, Match the change of light with the tide change, burley and the snapper wont be able to resist your strayline bait!

Firth of Thames / Coro: The coast road has taken a hammering but with another bandaid fix/patch we have access with not too long of a wait to some good fishing grounds, The kawawai workups are hard to miss and commonly driven past in search for snapper, These schools are awesome fun to chase with lightweight gear and a great opportunity to claim a light line class club record! keep an eye on these workups as kingfish are commonly circling the edges, if a workup has been in the same spot for a while and not moving around much this gives the snapper a chance to get underneath them and vacuum up all the falling scraps, Good place to drop a bait on a heavy sinker or a heavy weighted slow jig, The snapper are settling into the farms and its not hard to fill the bin with some good pannies for the table, Its the time of year that if your not getting much in 20mins its worth moving around until you find them, Using your sounder can help reducing your time finding them.

Game Fishing Report: The season is well underway with some impressive fish caught all over the country, We have had a good run of yellowfin out wide on the eastcoast 500m plus, good numbers of healthy stripy’s have been caught from 100m mark from Whitianga to Waihau bay, Lures seem to favor the season start with livebaits heating up later in the season. Not to forget the West coast Raglan has the largest Marlin every to be weighed in Mid January, A Large Blue tipping the scales at 348kg! The Manakau boys have had a short run of stripys and the south west New Plymouth region is starting to fire up! We are really looking forward to our raglan Onebase compin march, Kawhia have had a consistent number of catches and are hosting their Onebase Comp this weekend 8-10 Feb.


February Club Night

This month we are Hosting Guest Speaker Scott Malcon from Daiwa Reel and Rod Technologies, He will be presenting his latest tips and tricks on soft-baiting and the latest gear!

Where: Waikato Sport Fishing Club Clubrooms, Grantham Street, Hamilton.

When: Tuesday 20th February, 7:30pm

Must attend to be in the running for our cash prize “members / attendance” draws, Everyone Welcome, See you there!


Mutilation of Fish Ruling

There has been a bit of discussion lately on what constitutes mutilation of fish with respect to Bleeding, Gutting and Gilling for retaining the fish quality, and how it will effect a record application.
The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council would like to clarify this and states the following:-

The actual rule reads “The following situations will disqualify a catch;…………

………2. Mutilation to the fish, prior to landing or boating the catch, caused by sharks, other fish, mammals, or propellers that remove or penetrate the flesh. (Injuries caused by leader or line, scratches, old healed scars or regeneration deformities are not considered to be disqualifying injuries.) Any mutilation on the fish must be shown in a photograph and fully explained in a separate report accompanying the record application.”

Therefore, the IGFA and the NZSFC do not consider gutting or bleeding a fish (there are many techniques) an act of mutilation that would disqualify the fish from a record eligibility, as none of these procedures could conceivably be done “prior to landing or boating the catch”.  Removing the blood and/or organs from a fish would only decrease the overall weight and therefore would not give an advantage at the time of weighing.
With regard to mutilation; IGFA and NZSFC are only concerned with what happens during the fight.  For example, should the fish be attacked by a shark, or struck with a propeller during the fight, it’s fighting ability has been compromised and therefore the IGFA and NZSFC would not consider it for a world record.
To clarify, line chaffing, gaff damage and old wounds or scars are not considered as mutilation, and once the fish has been landed it is perfectly acceptable to bleed or gut the fish – just make sure your catch is big enough to withstand the weightloss and still be a record.

Product Of The Month

This month we look at the new “Catch” Stingaz Jig Heads,


3/0 stainless steel hooks, 2nd attachment point for secondary stinger hook, UV coated, Accentuated rocking action built into head, Angled hook to optimize position in the current and when jig head rests on the bottom.

Stingaz are extensively tested and used by fishing professionals: see