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Fishing Reports


Good numbers of kingfish at 21, 23 and Gannet island, Mainly rats this time of year but the earlier / change of light time has been producing some good legal fish. Livebaits are also bringing in the bigger fish, Jigging is good fun and practice with the rats hard to miss, Snapper fishing has had mixed reports, the fish don’t seem to be on the move, anywhere from 30-60mtr is filling the bin up, patience is needed as they are not always on the bite straight away. some nice size snapper are being caught at Gannet stay-lining over the structure. Mahimahi have arrived from 60M out, if you see them jumping around a small stickbait or softbait will do the damage, great fun on the lighter gear, Be careful handling these fish in the boat they are known to jump around and cause a few injury’s.

Firth / Coromandel Report

The farms are fishing well over the past weeks, Remember the big snapper are feeding on mussels so its not silly to stop in at pak n save to grab some fresh ones for bait or grab a few off the buoys (yes these don’t get harvested by the commercial boats, Public welcome to grab them) Make sure you take some elastic cotton to hold them on the hook and stray line them down the burley trail, Great time of year to chase the large snapper around the coast towards Port Jackson and Fletcher bay, Plently of burley plus change of light and you migh just pick out that 20lb coro horse snapper.

Game Fishing Report

The Billfish have been consistent from Whitianga to Waihau bay plenty of 100kg strip Marlin caught from 100mtr out. the change of tide has been a good bite time for this coast, the Odd blue marlin showing up also with a few good ones weighed in at Tauranga. The mighty west coast is fishing great and has us all very excited for One-base, Good patches of bait hanging around 80m south of raglan with multible boats hooking up in this area, More action around the 120m mark also, The light blue/ silver natural coloured lures have been popular along with the Pakula Lumo Sprocket. Trolling livebaits at around 1-3 knots around the bait schools is also a great way to raise a fish, match with bait with the feed is never a silly idea.

Defibrillator Site – WSFC Clubrooms

Together with the Rowing club and Hamilton Hawks, We have purchased an Emergency Defibrillator (AED). It is located about halfway along the rowing club wall facing the Waikato river.


Download the App for your smartphone so you can find the closest AED in an emergency:

Over 9,000 locations are now mapped on this website and the Android and iPhone apps.


An extract from AED Locations NZ

Gareth Jenkin started AED Locations after teaching thousands of people how to use CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators). During training sessions, he was often asked about AED locations. He knew that there were a lot of publicly available AEDs, but realised that they were worthless if people didn’t know where they were.  

People were dying within 50 metres of an AED because no one knew it was there.

  Publishing AED locations online would make it easier to find them in an emergency, but Gareth lacked the money and the technological know-how to make it happen. After The Listener ran a story on heart attacks and AEDs, Abletech approached Gareth to help.  

An AED can increase someone’s chance of survival by up to 80% if applied immediately.

  Over 9,000 locations are now mapped on this website and the Android and iPhone apps.


It’s a community effort

We aim to keep the information as up-to-date and accurate as possible. However we can’t guarantee that all AEDs will be accessible, in full working order, or still in the same location. AED Locations relies on the community, so if you notice out-of-date information, please contact us or add a new location.


Press Release – 1080 In Trout Flesh

Government agencies advice on 1080 in trout flesh – false, corrupt and understated.

Most New Zealand freshwater anglers like to take a trout every now and then to feed their family. Many, including campers and guided overseas tourist anglers, enjoy fresh-caught trout cooked on the riverbanks. In 2016 the Ministry for Primary Industries released a warning to trout fishermen, not to eat trout from 1080 poisoned rivers for at least 7 days. However, that MPI warning echoed by DOC and other agencies) was based on incomplete and false information.

To help them form this statement the MPI used data was used from a 2014 Cawthron Institute Study Continue reading

Thomson’s ITM Raglan One Base Briefing

As required by our Tournament Safety plan Attendance at the Thomson’s ITM One Base Tournament Briefing on Wednesday 14th March 7pm at Raglan Club Inc is COMPULSORY and NO TEAM can compete in the tournament until the skipper or a team member has attended the briefing. Phone Roger Bright  (027 490 2771) or Russell Court (027 395 5833) for an exemption if required.


Recipe Of The Month

Got your own Recipe to Share? Send it to to feature next month!

With the warm water and Albacore Tuna an easy catch here is a recipe to keep you tuna lovers going all year. The summer albacore run is in its prime. But even where tuna isn’t plentiful, this preserving technique is a must have. It falls somewhere between fresh and canned tuna, the Italians called it “conservata,” the old tradition of preserving protein in olive oil.

The flavor is rich the texture is meaty — not mealy the way commercial tuna can be. And because Continue reading

Product Of The Month

With the Raglan one base around the corner I thought a deadly bill-fish  lure would be appropriate, This Month we are looking at the Famous Pakula Lumo Sprocket. The Pakula Sprocket is a legend, having been listed in the Marlin Magazine top 10 Lures of all time both times the survey has been done.

This long rigger lure, particularly in the colours Lumo, has accounted for a great many First Marlin Continue reading

Club Night

Thanks to everyone who attended our February club night hosted by Scott Malcon from Daiwa NZ, We had a great turn out and got to check out the latest gear from Daiwa, Club Member Scott Prichard took home the $200 Cash Members Draw and managed to not spend it on his boat and gave $100 each to his two daughters Rebekah and Hannah to start off there first bank accounts. Give Mike at Full on Fishing a call / visit if you want to purchase any of the gear from the night.

Note: These is no club night for March due to our One base Tournament in March, See you there!

Feb Club Night