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Fishing Reports

Raglan: The weather has been great at late with a good amount of calm days able to head out over the bar for a days fishing, the warm weather has been heating the water up with reports of water temp up to 26 degrees! Togs and Towel are on the list of things to pack, With this warm temp the kingfish fishing has been dynamite off west, 21, 23 reefs having plenty of action along with Gannet island on jigs and livebaits, Jackson’s reef has been producing some awesome kingfish on topwater lures and livebaits with exciting take on the surface. Plenty of skippys from 55mtr out so good chance to fill the freezer with bait or an albacore for the table. If your rocking the 12ft kiwi Tinny the snapper fishing up the upper Raglan harbour is red hot this time of year, Match the change of light with the tide change, burley and the snapper wont be able to resist your strayline bait!

Firth of Thames / Coro: The coast road has taken a hammering but with another bandaid fix/patch we have access with not too long of a wait to some good fishing grounds, The kawawai workups are hard to miss and commonly driven past in search for snapper, These schools are awesome fun to chase with lightweight gear and a great opportunity to claim a light line class club record! keep an eye on these workups as kingfish are commonly circling the edges, if a workup has been in the same spot for a while and not moving around much this gives the snapper a chance to get underneath them and vacuum up all the falling scraps, Good place to drop a bait on a heavy sinker or a heavy weighted slow jig, The snapper are settling into the farms and its not hard to fill the bin with some good pannies for the table, Its the time of year that if your not getting much in 20mins its worth moving around until you find them, Using your sounder can help reducing your time finding them.

Game Fishing Report: The season is well underway with some impressive fish caught all over the country, We have had a good run of yellowfin out wide on the eastcoast 500m plus, good numbers of healthy stripy’s have been caught from 100m mark from Whitianga to Waihau bay, Lures seem to favor the season start with livebaits heating up later in the season. Not to forget the West coast Raglan has the largest Marlin every to be weighed in Mid January, A Large Blue tipping the scales at 348kg! The Manakau boys have had a short run of stripys and the south west New Plymouth region is starting to fire up! We are really looking forward to our raglan Onebase compin march, Kawhia have had a consistent number of catches and are hosting their Onebase Comp this weekend 8-10 Feb.


February Club Night

This month we are Hosting Guest Speaker Scott Malcon from Daiwa Reel and Rod Technologies, He will be presenting his latest tips and tricks on soft-baiting and the latest gear!

Where: Waikato Sport Fishing Club Clubrooms, Grantham Street, Hamilton.

When: Tuesday 20th February, 7:30pm

Must attend to be in the running for our cash prize “members / attendance” draws, Everyone Welcome, See you there!


Mutilation of Fish Ruling

There has been a bit of discussion lately on what constitutes mutilation of fish with respect to Bleeding, Gutting and Gilling for retaining the fish quality, and how it will effect a record application.
The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council would like to clarify this and states the following:-

The actual rule reads “The following situations will disqualify a catch;…………

………2. Mutilation to the fish, prior to landing or boating the catch, caused by sharks, other fish, mammals, or propellers that remove or penetrate the flesh. (Injuries caused by leader or line, scratches, old healed scars or regeneration deformities are not considered to be disqualifying injuries.) Any mutilation on the fish must be shown in a photograph and fully explained in a separate report accompanying the record application.”

Therefore, the IGFA and the NZSFC do not consider gutting or bleeding a fish (there are many techniques) an act of mutilation that would disqualify the fish from a record eligibility, as none of these procedures could conceivably be done “prior to landing or boating the catch”.  Removing the blood and/or organs from a fish would only decrease the overall weight and therefore would not give an advantage at the time of weighing.
With regard to mutilation; IGFA and NZSFC are only concerned with what happens during the fight.  For example, should the fish be attacked by a shark, or struck with a propeller during the fight, it’s fighting ability has been compromised and therefore the IGFA and NZSFC would not consider it for a world record.
To clarify, line chaffing, gaff damage and old wounds or scars are not considered as mutilation, and once the fish has been landed it is perfectly acceptable to bleed or gut the fish – just make sure your catch is big enough to withstand the weightloss and still be a record.

Product Of The Month

This month we look at the new “Catch” Stingaz Jig Heads,


3/0 stainless steel hooks, 2nd attachment point for secondary stinger hook, UV coated, Accentuated rocking action built into head, Angled hook to optimize position in the current and when jig head rests on the bottom.

Stingaz are extensively tested and used by fishing professionals: see