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WSFC Club Nights

Winter Challenge – 1 month to go!!

The WSFC Winter Challenge ends on 18th October 2016 only 1 month to go!!!!

Please send your Catch Cards into our Records Officer asap, or weigh your fish at the club night on 18th October 2016.

All entries to be emailed/posted to the Records Officer by 8pm Sunday the 16th or brought to the club on the 18th by 8pm.

Winter Challenge rules can be found by clicking here.

July Club Night – The Economic Value of Recreational Fishing in New Zealand

July Club Night – The Economic Value of Recreational Fishing in New Zealand
Tuesday 19 July @ 7.30pm in the WSFC Club Rooms

Did you know that recreational fishers generate 1.7 billion dollars in economic activity in New Zealand? That it supports 8,100 full-time jobs and is the 5th most popular recreational activity undertaken by adult New Zealanders.

Join us on the July Club Night and listen to Bob Gutsell, VP of the NZ Sport Fishing Council and Past President of WSFC as he gives us the results of the survey recently commissioned by NZSFC.

Open to the public – all welcome

July 2016 Club Night Poster

July 2016 Club Night Poster

May Club Night – featuring professional kayaker and ‘fisherman extraordinaire’ – BEN BROWN

May Club Night – featuring professional kayaker and ‘fisherman extraordinaire’ – BEN BROWN.

Tuesday, 17th May @ 7:30pm – the WSFC Club Rooms, Grantham St, Hamilton.

Yes – the same person who recently took home the trophy for the heaviest Big Four. And now you can join him at our May Club Night as he tells us about his kayaking, spin a few fishing yarns, talk about his game fishing success and then chat a little about his fishing photography. It promises to be an entertaining evening.

Open to the public – all welcome.

May 2016 Club Night Ben Brown

September Club Night

September Club Night, Tuesday 15 September 2015 @ 7:30pm
at the WSFC Club Rooms Grantham St, Hamilton.

Guest Speakers:  Stelth Lures

September 2015 Club Night Flyer Stelth Lures-page-0 (2)

We’re not even through the Winter Challenge and we’re already lining up for the new season! How determined are you to nail your first marlin this year? Or even a yellow fin tuna? Have we got a Club Night for you!

Come on down to this month’s Club Night and listen to Raymond as he talks to us about the best big game fishing lures in the business – the Stelth lures, made in New Zealand. With hundreds of lures in all shapes and sizes in stock, including 15 stock head types and over 30 tail skirt colours, Stelth Lures can provide you with the right colour and combination to suit your own preferences.

All lures have quality moving eyes for maximum realism and the Stelth heads use premium WTP Holographic material to attract even the most cautious quarry.

Raymond will be offering discounted lures on the night and he also has a stock of lure bags and mesh pockets available as well.

If you need further convincing about why you should join us on 15th September, visit Stelth Lures at

Remember, 7:30pm Tuesday 15th September at the Club Rooms, Grantham St, Hamilton.

Bring the family and friends – all are welcome.


Club Night – July 2015

July Club Night with the team from NZ Sport Fishing Council – Tuesday 21st July, 7:30pm at the WSFC Club Rooms, Grantham St, Hamilton.

This month we’ve got 3 of the team from the NZ Sport Fishing Council – our very own Bob Gutsell who is our Zone rep on the Council, Phil Appleyard, Vice President of NZSFC and owner of The Big Fish Bait & Tackle Co, and Dave Lockwood, the incoming Executive Officer of the Council.

Join them as they talk about the the NZSFC, IGFA and how the Council supports fisheries management. And Phil has a very interesting presentation on braid – how its made, its  characteristics, and when you can/can’t use it in tournaments – “all you wanted to know about braid, but were too afraid to ask!”

This promises to be another great night – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC; ALL WELCOME

NZSFC Website
IGFA Website

 July 2015 Club Night NZSFC_001

June 2015 Club Night – A Practical Evening of Knots

A PRACTICAL EVENING OF KNOTS. How is your knot tying?  Can you tie a bimini twist?  When would you use an improved clinch?  What knot would you use to tie braid to fluorocarbon?

Come on down to our June Club Night for a practical session on soft baiting and knot tying?  First up in the evening is Hamilton’s very own Joe Dennehy.  Joe spent quite a few years in the fishing tackle industry as manager and buyer with Fish City and Top Catch.

June 2015 Club Night Joe Dennehy Softbaits & Knots_001

April 2015 Club Night – Wave Dancer Team hosted by Smart Marine Hamilton

April 2015 Club Night – Wave Dancer Team hosted by Smart Marine Hamilton.

Are you ready for our Big Four Tournament on 25th – 27th April 2015?  Can you catch the Big 4 bag – Kingfish, Snapper, Kahawai and Trevally?  It’s only been achieved 6 times in the past 3 tournaments!

To help you on your way, Grant Bittle and the Wave Dancer team are back again to give us some useful tips on catching XOS Kingfish and Snapper, the elusive Trevally and of course the prolific Kahawai.  And this year our newest tackle store in town, Josh and his team from Smart Marine Boating & Fishing, are hosting the event, and will be offering you some good deals on the night.

Wave Dancer Website
Smart Marine Website

April 2015 Club Night Flyer Wave Dancer & Smart Marine V2-page-0

February 2015 Club Night – Liam McIIveen & Ben Maule from Navico

February 2015 Club Night – Liam McIIveen & Ben Maule from Navico.

Are you ready for the Simrad Raglan One Base Tournament? Do you know how your sonar works?  What is CHIRP? And StructureScan?  Increase your tournament chances! Come on down to the WSFC Clubrooms and listen to Liam McIlveen and Ben Maule from Navico.

We’re delighted to have one of our Platinum Sponsors – Simrad talk to us about Navico and their range of products.   Learn who Navico are, and what one of their key brands, SIMRAD, has to offer.   Learn about the latest in innovation from Simrad – the Simrad NSS Evo2. And they’ll enlighten you on how sonar works, and what CHIRP and StructureScan are.

The evening includes “hands on demonstrations” – Liam and Ben will have a number of units powered up for demonstration.

Navico Website
Simrad Website

February 2015 Club Night Flyer - Simrad_001

November 2014 Club Night – Scott Malcom from Daiwa New Zealand

November 2014 – Scott Malcom from Daiwa New Zealand

Scott Malcolm from Daiwa New Zealand, and the Fish City team, as they talk to us about the latest in vertical jigging, stick-baiting/top water and micro-jigging techniques from Daiwa.

Micro-jigging is taking New Zealand by storm; it’s gentle on the body but you’re sure of a great fight on light gear. Our November Club Night is your chance to find the secrets to winning this tournament.

Daiwa New Zealand Website
Fish City Website

November 2014 Club Night with Daiwa NZ and Fish City

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