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WSFC General Club News

Calling radio operator volunters

We are looking for anyone interested in operating our Tournament Radio Base for the Simrad Raglan One Base on Thursday, Friday or Saturday (28th Feb, 1st & 2nd March).

No radio experience required, will be given training.

The person will be required to communicate via VHF radio and record all fish caught that are radioed in.

If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Tony Thornton or Tony Greene

The Barbara Dawn Gurnard Challenge

This is a gurnard challenge for the 2018/2019 fishing year commencing on 22 September 2018 through to 30 June 2019.

The challenge is to encourage all Waikato Sport Fishing Club members to have safe family fun fishing out on the water.

It is open to all 2018/19 members of the Waikato Sport Fishing Club (WSFC).

The catch has to be recorded on a catch card and certified by a weigh master and caught under WSFC fishing rules.

The catch card has to be provided to the WSFC catch officer by the 5 July 2019.

The gurnard catch will be reported each month in the WSFC newsletter.

Barbara Dawn Challenge prizes will be awarded at the AGM.

The prizes are:

a)      $250 cash for heaviest gurnard plus the Gurnard Trophy

b)      A drawn prize from all the gurnards weighed for a $250 cash prize. For the drawn prize the angler must be present at the AGM.  If not present, there will be a redraw.

The prize money has donated by the crew of the Barbara Dawn ($400) and the WSFC ($100).

Looking for mounted fish!


I hope this email finds you well and you have old stuffed fish…

We are opening a pizza bar in the port town of Lyttelton. And are trying to find any old mounted big game fish – in any condition. Ones that are side mounted or just the head.

We would of course pay for these fine specimen and are happy to mention the club of origin to help promote the fine sport of game fishing.Many thanks and kind regards!– 

Kate Donald

The Tree People (Four Seasons Tree Care Ōtautahi Ltd).

Office : 0800 4 SEASONS     E :   

Postal : PO Box 126, Lyttelton, Christchurch 8082.        Depot : 112 Bamford Street, Woolston, Christchurch 8023

Catches to Date – 31 Jan 2019

WSFC catches to date as of 31st January 2019.

Please ensure you send all catch cards to our Records Officer via email or post as soon as possible – we would hate for them to miss out!

First NameFamilyNameSpeciesWeightLengthLine WtDateLand/BoatnameMember TypeMale/Female
DavidDarbyBarracouta2.861506-Aug-18Barbara DawnAdultM
ReneeDoigBarracouta1.951506-Aug-18Barbara DawnAdultF
ReneeDoigBarracouta1.951506-Aug-18Barbara DawnAdultF
FrankVan VroonhovenBarracouta0.00830812-Aug-18Flying DutchmanAdultM
FrankVan VroonhovenBluenose11.122406-Jul-18Flying DutchmanAdultM
ReneeDoigGurnard0.681501-Jul-18Barbara DawnAdultF
TroyNicolsonGurnard0.671501-Jul-18Barbara DawnAdultM
FrankVan VroonhovenGurnard0.921023-Nov-18KBACAdultM
FrankVan VroonhovenGurnard0.91802-Sep-18Flying DutchmanAdultM
ReneeDoigKahawai1.361501-Jul-18Barbara DawnAdultF
TroyNicolsonKahawai1.561501-Jul-18Barbara DawnAdultM
FrankVan VroonhovenKahawai2.24812-Aug-18Flying DutchmanAdultM
AaronBennettRainbow Trout4.3073.5423-Dec-18n/aAdultM
FrankVan VroonhovenSkipjack Tuna2.202401-Jul-18Flying DutchmanAdultM
DavidDarbySnapper1.101501-Jul-18Barbara DawnAdultM
KaneDelaneySnapper8.16415-Sep-18Tin LizzyJuniorM
ReneeDoigSnapper2.931501-Jul-18Barbara DawnAdultF
TonyGreeneSnapper9.501516-Oct-18Rell NantiAdultM
ToddKerrSnapper0.91828-Jul-18C’s OneAdultM
FrankVan VroonhovenTarakiki1.07826-Aug-18Flying DutchmanAdultM
DavidDarbyTrevally1.141501-Jul-18Barbara DawnAdultM
ReneeDoigTrevally1.131501-Jul-18Barbara DawnAdultF
FrankVan VroonhovenTrevally1.98826-Aug-18Flying DutchmanAdultM

Current Lines January 2019 #2

– by Paul Batten

Baby, I’m tired of toeing the line”. Whoa who said that, I haven’t even got a line wet! Huh wishful thinking I think not!

 WOW !! What a start to the 2019 Whangarei Deep Sea Anglers Club’s tournament season! A grand total of 75 Junior and Small Fry anglers joined the Arthurs Emporium Tutukaka Junior Tournament on 12th & 13th January.  Boy did the Kids show us all how it’s done – with new records galore; and an awesome overall tally of 5 tagged Yellowtail Kingfish, 15 tagged Shark (including 1 Bronzewhaler, 3 Blue and 11 Mako Shark), 6 Shortbill Spearfish, 2 landed Striped Marlin, 2 tagged Striped Marlin and 2 landed Blue Marlin;  not to mention the “drops” and the fish that unfortunately did not qualify for the tournament.

 FANTASTIC EFFORT!! Congratulations to Madison Ross!! Fishing on GPS in the Arthurs Emporium Tutukaka Junior Tournament; Madison landed a mighty Blue Marlin weighing in at 302kg on just 15kg line – a pending Junior Club, NZ & World Record and a pending Women’s World record fish. Madison took home an Apple Iphone8+ so kindly donated by Arthurs Emporium and was also awarded the Barbara & Fred Cotterill Trophy for the most meritorious catch!! Awesome effort Madi!

 Well done to Kurtis Bot in the Arthurs Emporium Tutukaka Junior Tournament. Fishing on GPS; Kurtis landed a nice 97kg Striped marlin and a Shortbill Spearfish weighing in at 17.8kg – a pending Junior Club record on 15kg line. The tag and release Marlin section was won jointly by Junior Anglers Jacob Lowther fishing on Ngaio and Layne Collinson on Ikanui – each tagging one Striped Marlin.

Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club  Some very excited guys on vessel Hook Em Up. Congratulations on your amazing fish. Angler Daniel Kelly fishing aboard the “Hook Em Up” hooked a big eye tuna weighing 73.66kg caught on 37kg line.  Also Congratulations to Nathanael Brown on his pending Junior Record for club and NZ.  He caught an Albacore weighing in at 13.01kg caught on 37kg line aboard the “Seaquil.

Counties Sport Fishing Club  Well done to Kelly Littlewood, 16 kg shortbill north of cape Brett

Bay of Islands Swordfish Club (Inc) Congratulations to angler Ian and the Hook n Bull team – 312kg!

Whakatane Sport Fishing Club N.Z  A nice 24kg Shortbill Spearfish was caught on the 28th December, angler Dennis Davey aboard his boat L.A. caught in Sponsors Grid Simplex Electrical. Congrats Dennis.

Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club (Inc) A striped marlin has just been boated by Kuri II who are also in the DTF Lures marlin jackpot. Ann Candy has weighed in a striped marlin of 99kg from Kuri II. She has won the DTF Lures Marlin Jackpot. She used a Ghost lure at the Garden Patch and the fish struck three times before it stuck! Brian and Ann report 22 degrees water out there, but no skippies, but they did see a huge manta ray. There will be a presentation for them at the clubrooms at 7pm on Friday evening.

 Mount Maunganui, Good fishing recently for large snapper and trevally on the light line classes, bodes well for the Nationals in 8 weeks’ time. Recent trevally record claim by Hayden Speed with a magnificent 4.866kg fish caught on 8kg line, 60.8 points if caught in the nationals. Dad, not to be shown up, caught his 5.546kg trevally on 6kg line, 92.43 points and possibly a line class champion for both anglers.

Clevedon Game Fishing Club – Anne Sharples, a staunch member of the Clevedon Game Fishing Club went out and smashed their club record by weighing her 10.30kg snapper caught on 2kg line.  This is also a pending NZ record line class claim. This fish would have scored in the Nationals 515 points and a possible line class champion, interclub snapper trophy, big kudos for the angler, team and club.  Well done Anne. 

 Reminder Tag card report – please include the entire alpha-numeric sequence to aid recording, e.g. H12345

Hokianga Big Game and Sports Fishing Club Inc  Just so all our members know the Opononi Garage has now re opened under new owners and the fuel is way cheaper than before.

News from Houhora – Love it or hate it – the gate is up, and it is already proving an asset for those boaties launching and retrieving at the club jetty. For those heading up this way for the holidays, you will need GOLD coins. Cost $5 per launch & $5 per retrieval, No eftpos available! · To pick up tag please contact the club, 09 4097 7755 or email: Casual users: Will need to insert $5 in coins to open the barrier arm, no change is given. (Gold coins only) There is no charge to exit the ramp and wharf area, the arm will open automatically when leaving these areas. BE AWARE SECURITY CAMERAS ARE IN OPERATION AT ALL TIMES.

2019 sees the running of the 47th NZSFC NATIONALS, (the last international was 1972 with this event morphing into the Nationals that we know today); the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council National Tournament, which starts on the 16th of February and ends on the 23rd of February 2019.  Entry forms and rules are available on the NZSFC webpage.  Just click the following link

The Tournament runs a point system which gives anglers the opportunity to fish for line weight records and tag and release. The tournament starts with most anglers registering and attending a briefing at their Clubs before the tournament, then they’re off with some choosing to do multiple day trips in trailer boats from various ports depending on the results available each evening, while larger boats will disappear for up to the entire eight days until they have a fish to weigh. Anglers of all ages fish hard for 8 days for 32 National Trophies for teams and individual anglers. Mate versus mate, team versus team and club against club. It’s an amazing week of Fishing in New Zealand which results in some outstanding captures and New Zealand records.    

 A reminder from MPI Fisheries a ban on gathering shell fish in the Bay of Islands in the area from Cape Brett to Cape Wikiwiki to the north, and we issued a public health warning advising the public not to collect or consume shellfish harvested from parts of Northland. That area has now been extended. The warning is now in place from North Cape (Outo), down to Cape Karikari (Whakapouaka). It includes Parengarenga, Houhoura and Rangaunu Harbours. Routine tests on shellfish samples taken from this region have shown levels of Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) toxins above the safe limit of 0.8 mg/kg set by MPI. Anyone eating shellfish from this area is potentially at risk of illness. For more information, visit our website:…/…/shellfish-biotoxin-alerts/…

Tight lines and Carpe` diem.

Current Lines January 2019

– by Paul Batten Current Lines Editor

Monday 7th January 2019

I was walkin’ down the street Concentratin’ on truckin’ right, 
heard a dark voice beside of me And I looked round in a state of fright.
I saw four faces one mad A brother from the gutter They looked me up and down a bit And turned to each other. I say….
 I don’t like cricket oh no, I love it. I don’t like cricket no no I love it. 
Don’t you walk thru my words You got to show some respect. Yeah to Trent Bolt, best bowling  versus Pakistan, on NZ soil. 

A great way to start the season, now the wind is playing ball.  The blue type links to facebook pages; click and like them to get the news first hand, or you can read it here!

Ahipara Gamefish Club Inc.  2018/19 Season30 mins Courtesy weigh for Rory Roberson from Muriwai club this afternoon. First one at the weigh station this season. A massive 127kg off Ahipara. These guys have set the bar for marlin this summer. Let’s get into it AGC.
Houhora Big Game & Sports Fishing Club Best workup up seen for a long time at 122 metres behind the Shallow Patch, water 19.2 degrees, colour not great. Hundreds of gannets spread far and wide, outnumbering the dolphins. This clip just a small piece of the action seen today. However, nothing was to be pulled from it, still a magnificent spectacle to watch. Good to see no seiners.
Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club (Inc) we weighed in a striped marlin of 114.4kg yesterday, caught by Kimberly Diehl on 24kg from “Reel Warrior” at the Garden Patch. Barry Plumpton from Warkworth GFC was out wide back of  Stevies, and caught a bigeye tuna of 56.7kg, from the launch “X-cellerate”.
Terry Semmens to NZ BIG GAME FISHING Released a stripe Marlin in 120m off ocean beach yesterday 30th, est. 80-90Kg. Water temp 21.0c Honda 250 doing the business..

Houhora Big Game & Sports Fishing Club Another monster bass today…this time for Houhora club member Bevan Cates. The huge bass weighed in at 70.8 kg (156.08 lbs) and is the heaviest to date this season for a club member. Congratulations Bevan and the team. Congratulations to Rupert Gates on making it to the 20 pounder club with his first 20 pounder weighing 10.06 kg (22.13 lb) snapper.
Way to go First gamefish honours for the club season go to those keen fishos on ‘Vandy’s Vessel’ skippered by owner Aaron Van der Poel. Dennis Lamb’s albacore weighing in at 11.60/24kg with Neil Attwood’s going a pilchard’s tail heavier at 11.66/24kg.

Tauranga Sport Fishing Club (Inc.) Congratulations Ocean Monarch, Excellent few days fishing early season. Louise Stewart 37kg/Lure/T&R Striped Marlin. Sponsors Grid High Duty Plastics 24. Anders Morens 37kg/Lure/93.9Kg Striped Marlin Caught in Port of Tauranga. (Mens Pin/First weighed)
Waihau Bay Sport Fishing Club Some pics of Scott and Sarah Adamson with their striped marlin caught from Little Reefer. Kristine Shove caught this nice shortbill and Winnie with her great snapper.

Tauranga Sport Fishing Club (Inc.) Congrats Nick and the OP team with a beauty 27.2kg s/b Spearfish from the Port of Tauranga grid today. Season officially ON!

Waihau Bay Well done to the crew fishing on “Execution” (our office lady Janie’s 645 Game King) who nailed this early season Shortbill today. Congrats guys, and there must be some nice water out there already – time to dust off the big gear!   Little Reefer Waihau Bay Had a hunch on an area today. Big trip out wide paying off with the first marlin for the season. Took the Red Gill Lures !
Whangarei Deep Sea Anglers Club December A couple of nice shortbill spearfish for Leona and Petra onboard #harlequin in sponsors grid Mckenzie Contracting.

Tauranga Sport Fishing Club (Inc.) Well done Louise Stewart,T/R Striped Marlin this morning on Ocean Monarch caught in sponsors grid High Duty Plastics on 37kg
Bay of Islands Swordfish Club (Inc)  Congratulations to the team aboard Mazara who are fishing the BOISC Icebreaker tournament & caught this 311kg Blue marlin with Bryce Imms as the angler & skipper Bevan Beauchamp. Well done to the team on a great fish!
Tauranga Sport Fishing Club (Inc.) Well done Jane Lee fishing on Fascination 2, Landed her first Shortbill Spearfish @ 22.2kgs while fishing in High Duty Plastics #24 on 37kg.
Tairua – Reel Fowl is at The Aldermen IslandsDecember 22 at 4:50 PM · SBSF 25.3kg on 2kg line by angler Riki Peihepa off the Big Red. Season off to a good start…

Carpe diem, seas the day, lets go fishing!

The 2019 NZ Sport Fishing Council Nationals

The 2019 NZ Sport Fishing Council Nationals will start on 16 February 2019 and end on 23 February 2019.

Click here for an entry form and Nationals Disclaimer – Please complete both forms

Click here for a copy of the rules 

For past years results go to Our Records 


The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council Nationals shall form the arena in which anglers from throughout New Zealand compete, club against club, team against team and angler against angler for the honour of winning various trophies and titles that have been offered for this tournament.

The ‘Council’ will determine the rules and conditions that will apply to this tournament.

The ‘Council’ will determine the dates and hours of fishing the tournament.

Raglan Radio Procedure

Channel 2 Int
This is to contact Coastguard Radio & initial contact for boats calling other boats. Channel 2 should only be used when all other methods of boat to boat contact have been exhausted and not for idle chatter.

Channel 4 Int
This is a repeated boat to boat channel

Channel 6 Int
Line of sight boat to boat contact
Which extends to around 12 Km

November Club Night with Graham Hubert

November Club Night With Graham Hubert

Tuesday 20th November 2018 @ 7:30pm
at the WSFC Club Rooms, Grantham St, Hamilton

All welcome!!

This month we have the pleasure of hosting a very experienced Raglan local and WSFC Club Member – Graham Hubert.

Graham Hubert aka the Raglan Wharf Seagull from the good ship Barbara Drawn and Bubbles has fished inside and outside the Raglan bar for over 55 years. He was the area reporter for a National Fishing magazine for 15 years so he has plenty of experience to pass on and stories to share.

Presidents Report

Presidents Report

Hello fellow fishers.  I want to give you an update on what your new committee has been up to since being elected at the AGM.

Firstly we would like say congratulations to Bob Gutsell on his appointment as the newly elected president of the New Zealand Game Fishing Council and we would like to thank him coming back on the committee as his knowledge and experience has been invaluable with helping the new committee get up to speed with the workings of the club.

Manu Bay Boat Ramp update

Bob Gutsell and myself attended the Manu Bay Working Group on the 17th of September, along with the Raglan Sports Fishing Club as well as Iwi, Waikato District Council, Waikato Regional Council, Manu Bay Board Riders Club and other interested parties. It was a very positive and interesting afternoon.

The options discussed on the day were:

  1. Do nothing and leave it as is.
  2. Just maintain the boat ramp by removing the rocks that end up on it.
  3. Removing the rocks placed in front of the wall that have created a ramp for water to go up and over the break wall.
  4. Build a concrete cap on top of the break wall to stop water going over the break wall.

By end of the day majority agreed that approaching Council to look at the feasibility of Option 3 was the preferred starting point. We are still waiting on the workshop notes to confirm the next actions.

Club Rooms upgrades and tidy up

We will have a working bee to clean up the club rooms exterior and interior and also to start painting the internal entrance and bar area. The date is the Sunday 2 December from Noon. Please come along if you can.  It would be much appreciated.  Bring step ladders, sanders, sanding poles, painting rollers, brushes and trays. We will have a BBQ  and free refreshments for all that turn up to help. We have also been applying for grants to put in a Disabled Toilet and a ramp access to the clubrooms as well as paint and new lighting. We will keep you posted on how we get on with the grants.

Tournament Updates

We are all set for Shelly Beach family fishing comp on the 3rd November with Fullon Fishing as the main sponsor.  We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Snapper Kingi Classic

The Committee agreed there will be no Snapper /Kingi Classic in November this year due to conflict with many other tournaments on in November.

Raglan One Base

The Raglan One Base dates are confirmed for the 28th February to 2nd March 2019

The Big Four Competition 2019

The Big Four Competition dates are confirmed for the 25th to the 27th April 2019.

Barbara Dawn Gurnard Challenge

We would like to thank Graham Hurbert the crew for sponsoring the Barbara Dawn Gurnard challenge and we look forward to seeing lots good size gurnard weighed in this season.

Please refer to this newsletter and the website for the rules and the prizes for this challenge.


Tony Thornton

Meet your new committee members




Hello WSFC, 

Thanks to those that attended our AGM on Saturday 18th August and voted in the new committee. Your new committee is listed below.

We are all looking forward to making the club what you want and we will be in touch soon to talk to you about our ideas for this year.

If any other members would like to join the committee or help the committee, please contact us. We appreciate the support.

The WSFC Committee

<tdalign=”center” valign=”top”>dsg<tr”> <td” align=”center” valign=”top”>

Tony Thornton
President has been a club member since 2013 and was a committee member last year.
Tony Greene
Vice President 

vice-president@ has been a club member since 2015 and has been on the committee for the last two years.
Grant Snedden
Secretary has been a club member since 2016 and this will be his first year on the committee.
Julie Clausen
Treasurer has also been a club member since 2013 and has been on the committee for the last three years.
Taryn Olsen
Web & Communications joined the committee at the age of 15 and has been on the committee for the last ten years.
Colin Steer
Committee Member
Colin has been a club member since 2001 and this will be his first year on the committee.
Bob Gutsell
Committee Member
Bob is a founding member and past president of our club. Bob will be our NZSFC club representative for the next season.
Mike Innes
Hall Manager has been our Hall Manager for the last 6 years managing the day to day hireage of our club hall.

Remits and Policy Documents for NZSFC for AGM 

View this email in your browser

Remits and Policy Documents for NZSFC for AGM

Hello Clubs and Delegates

Earlier in July you were forwarded documents for consideration prior to your zone meetings and the AGM.

I have attached for your information a PDF copy of all the documents.

As you will be asked to vote on these items it is important that you have read them and will have any queries and/or amendments ready for your zone meeting discussion.

Please ensure you have read this document prior to your zone meeting.  As this is a very large document your club will be sent hard copies of this document for you also.

Please click here for the PDF document


Helen Pastor
NZ Sport Fishing Council


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Hello Clubs and Delegates

Due to a few updates, please find attached the final first and heaviest record for the 2017/2018 season.
Certificates will be sent to your clubs shortly.

Click here for the records


Helen Pastor
NZ Sport Fishing Council